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Operator PHPCode


Allows you to provide a custom setter implementation.


Sample implementation: Unpublishes the object if the creation date was before 2017-11-17 which is CSV column 8 in this example. In addition,it replaces the short text.


use Pimcore\DataObject\Import\ColumnConfig\Operator\AbstractOperator;

class MyImportCodeOperator extends AbstractOperator
    private $additionalData;

    public function __construct(\stdClass $config, $context = null)
        parent::__construct($config, $context);

        $this->additionalData = $config->additionalData;

    public function process($element, &$target, array &$rowData, $colIndex, array &$context = [])
        $colData = $rowData[$colIndex];

        $target->setPublished($colData > 1510931949);
        if (!$target->getPublished()) {
            $target->setShortText("not available anymore " . $this->additionalData, "en");