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General Tools


General Tools


Pimcore 5.x/6.x Load images depending on box size


Pimcore ImageLoaderBundle

Pimcore 10.x bundle to automate the minification of images inside a webpage.

Automatically generates all needed thumbnails and loads them in relation to the width of the surrounding html-element. The smallest image will be loaded as the default. Default image sizes are [320, 480, 768, 1024, 1280, 1920].

Install and Enable

composer require nambu-ch/pimcore-image-loader
php bin/console pimcore:bundle:enable ImageLoaderBundle


This library needs Bootstrap and jQuery to work.

Get rid of bootstrap

As an easy fix you can add the following css definition to your own style, so you don't need to include bootstrap:

.img-fluid {
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;


Load js file inside your layout.

{% do pimcore_head_script().appendFile(asset('/bundles/imageloader/js/imageloader.js')) %}


{% if editmode %}
    {{ pimcore_image("image", { width: 300 }) }}
{% else %}
    {% if not pimcore_image("image").isEmpty() %}
        {{ imageloader(pimcore_image("image"), { options... })|raw }}
    {% endif %}
{% endif %}
// or
{% set asset = pimcore_asset(2) %}
{{ imageloader(asset, { options... })|raw }}

Force imageloader to recalculate

The imageloader listens to the window resize event and automaticaly loads the best image, but sometimes images appear and need an manual recalculation of the best image size, for example when an accordion opens. In combination with the bootstrap event, this is done like this:

$('.accordion-collapse').on('', function () {
    var images = $(this).find(".image-loader");
    setTimeout(function () {
    }, 1);
}).on('', function () {

Available options

Following options are available:

Name Type Description
isBackgroundImage boolean Set to true to load image as css background, instead of img-tag.
imageCssClass string A CSS class to apply to the image.
thumbnailNames array List of size => thumbnail-names to generate the different sizes. e.g. [ 320 => 'thumb-small', 1024 => 'thumb-big' ]
sizeSelector string jQuery CSS selector to a html element which will be used for determining the size. e.g. '.some-element'
widths array List of thumbnail widths to override default sizes e.g. [ 480, 1024, 1920 ]
sizesOptions array List of options e.g. [ 480 => [ 'size' => 480, 'imageTag' => $view->image('image-480') ] ]
altText string Alt-Text of the image.
thumbnail string Thumbnail-Name from Pimcore configuration.
emptyImageThumbnail string or Asset\Image Path to an Image or a Pimcore Asset\Image which is shown at start before imageloader determines the fitting thumbnail
lazyLoad boolean Enable lazy loading via IntersectionObserver

Advanced usage

imageCssClass Option can be used to switch from background image to img-tag, set isBackgroundImage to true and define imageCssClass => 'd-block d-md-none'. If so the img-tag is shown on small sizes and a background from md-breakpoint upwards.

Using thumbnails with media queries

If the option thumbnail is set and the configuration has media queries, those are used for loading the image. Media queries are only used with their px value. So it doesn't matter if you have set min-with or max-width. It will always use the px as max-width. This option can be used together with isBackgroundImage, imageCssClass, sizeSelector and altText.

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