Stepping Into the Future with Pimcore Platform Release 2023.2

Software versions are often tethered to the ‘time’ or the period they are introduced in; they address specific needs prevailing in that time, let go of old ways, create new norms, and find innovative means and better pathways to reach customers’ desired aims.
Stepping Into the Future with Pimcore Platform Release 2023.2  - Impression #1

Pimcore’s new platform release does precisely that (and more) for its 110,000-strong customers across the globe!    

Pimcore platform release 2023.2 – the latest edition in the company’s arsenal perfectly serves the need of the hour by going much beyond the last Pimcore platform version (2023.1), introduced alongside Pimcore 11

For the uninitiated, the key difference between Pimcore’s platform version and the various independent module releases (that happen in collaboration with Pimcore’s extensive open-source community of developers) is that the platform version is only available to Pimcore’s Enterprise Edition customers and is released quarterly.    

So, What’s New With the Platform Release 2023.2? 

Like all previous platform versions, this one also checks all the boxes regarding compatibility, stability, and security throughout all the core framework components, encompassing every core module. Every interaction and every component is thoroughly examined to meet the highest software standards, which effectively lends itself to enterprise use and deployment.    

Over the years, Pimcore’s platform releases have been consistent in providing a secure, trustworthy environment where modules work in perfect coordination with each other. Platform versions are accompanied by comprehensive release notes and documentation (about the version) and come equipped with long-term support—something that has always supported system integrators, digital agencies, and IT decision-makers at every step of the way. 


New Features

All new features that are added in every platform release play a significant role in reshaping and readjusting the platform for customer usage, enabling faster value delivery to help address businesses’ evolving needs and thrive in their competitive landscape. There are three features have been included in this platform version release. 

  • Bookmark Lists 

From physical books to web browsers, bookmarks have made our lives easier, letting us focus on what matters most and helping us waste no time in getting to where we were and resuming work. In short, it means one thing for enterprises—improved efficiency and enhanced speed in managing items that need to be accessed frequently.  

Here’s how: Organizing, sorting, and searching of items such as data objects, documents, digital assets, or arranging folder structures constitute a big part of data management; enterprises find themselves working on the same objects again and again. Imagine if your software lets you create a new bookmark that allows you to simply drag & drop, copy and paste requisite elements and features once and for all? Well, guess what! This platform version lets you do that.   

What’s more? There’s a provision for using your own folder structure for organizing items in the Bookmarks List to get a bird’s eye view and spot the desired element quickly. And in cases where a specific bookmark list is needed in separate use cases—fret not! Multiple Bookmarks Lists can now be included and shared with other users for a more collaborative, conducive, and rewarding working experience.  

Therefore, Bookmark Lists also make the Pimcore platform more user-friendly and synergistic, where teams can truly involve, innovate, and be more effective and efficient. From a broader perspective, the feature (which may look like a small cog in the wheel) may truly speed up the workflow engine, directly impacting speed to market, especially from an eCommerce, manufacturing, or retail industry perspective.    


  • Data Quality Management  

“To have the right content at the right time and at the right place”— may sound like an often-repetitive statement for product and digital asset management, but with the new Data Quality Management feature in Pimcore’s 2023.2 platform, it stands true on every word. This is a tailor-made feature to spot data quality issues much before your data gets in front of your customers.     

It allows managing data quality in smarter ways by enabling the configuration of data quality checks through an exceptionally user-friendly interface. Besides, multiple checks can be added to examine different aspects of a variety of data objects.    

What’s more? You get to see a full-scale display of information regarding your data quality within the object editor, which includes recommendations to improve the quality of your data.  

Another exciting aspect of this feature is that users can see a ‘data quality score’ in the grid view while getting an option to filter and export the included data objects; the data quality score is also showcased in the tree view.   

Today, enterprises are looking to fix their data quality issues as efficiently as possible. By emphasizing on not just how data quality is analyzed but how it is perceived, Pimcore has gone really granular on data quality management in this platform release.  

  • Enterprise Webhooks

Every technology environment requires fluid communication between applications, systems, software, and external services so that interactions can occur freely, communication gaps can be minimized, and the software stack can function effortlessly and securely as a cohesive unit.  

And ‘Webhooks’ does precisely that! Simply put, Webhooks are automated messages activated during specific events that occur in one application and need to be sent to other applications to act as a bridge that facilitates improved interaction.      

There are quite a few interesting aspects of Webhooks, such as: 

  • Sending requests to configured subscribers for events such as adding, updating, and deleting elements like data objects, assets, and documents, as well as entering and completing events for workflows 

  • Configuring the payload (i.e., the data or information) needed to be sent to subscribers by letting you define it in detail. 

In a nutshell, Webhooks makes automation super convenient for various processes. Applications can be seamlessly integrated, actions can be initiated automatically, and workflows can be streamlined easily—thereby saving precious time and effort, which can be directed onto other more important strategic tasks.  

Besides that, by using it, external systems can be integrated, such as ERPs, CRMs, and workflow management, as well as Pimcore’s platform can be extended with ease and as per your desired needs. 



Pimcore 2023.2—It’s Refreshed, Ready and Rewarding!   

Pimcore’s platform releases have always been geared towards turning it into a perfect ally for our enterprise customers. Whether they are looking to satisfy their growing needs, make existing product management smoother, facilitate exceptional buying journeys (for their customers), get a competitive edge, aim at innovation, or do a bit of all—they need a resilient, flexible, and extensible platform.  

Apart from delivering the stated benefits to enterprises, Pimcore helps enterprises in achieving several long-term objectives that aren’t necessarily visible on the surface, like—building a better reputation over time, nurturing a loyal customer base, striking personal connections with buyers while underpinning consistency in business growth.  

At Pimcore, we have always considered it our duty to equip our enterprise customers with the highest standards of technological expertise by bringing tactical and strategic alignment between departments, realizing their digital transformation aims, positively impacting operational efficiency, revamping buying experiences (in the face of evolving customer expectations), while ensuring optimal utilization of enterprise data.  

And with the latest Pimcore platform version 2023.2, once again, high performance and execution are guaranteed!  

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