Avanti24 Marketplace Platform based on Pimcore solution and custom components

Agora S.A. is a Polish company of commercial law listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, conducting media activity. The name of the company comes from the Greek for “a meeting place”.

We implemented a central database of products and multimedia assets to support the portal Avanti24. It is now ready to support big volumes of feeds, products, and pictures. The platform includes the Machine Learning component, support for complex validation processes, and communication with the Avanti24 portal.

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  • Agora S.A.
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Getting ahead

The challenge was to develop services in e-commerce channels and fulfill the requirement to migrate to a new technological platform. Moreover, it was a challenge to guarantee the required performance and functional indicators, in line with the latest e-commerce trends.

Kubernetes, advanced filtering, pattern recognition and Reinforced Learning Algorithms

The use of tools such as Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, Thumbor, Solr, and Reinforced Learning along with data management via Pimcore interfaces made it possible to address the challenges taken.

User friendly and highly efficient

We developed an easy-to-manage Pimcore based backend solution that minimizes manual actions, increases quality, and shortens product delivery times.

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