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Style backend depending on the application environment

Sometimes it makes sense to style the Pimcore backend UI depending on the application environment (APP_ENV) so that backend users can easily differentiate by the looks.

Imagine having additional environments for Staging and Testing and you want to give editors a hint that they are working in the correct environment.

This can be easily implemented since Pimcore 10.1.0 (#9794) as the backend's body element contains a data attribute data-app-env with the current application environment (e.g. <body class="pimcore_version_10" data-app-env="dev">) and thus can be referenced with a CSS selector.

Backend UI style override

Add an event subscriber

    # Event subscribers
        resource: '../src/EventSubscriber/*'
        tags: [ 'kernel.event_subscriber' ]

And subscribe to \Pimcore\Event\BundleManagerEvents::CSS_PATHS event in order to load a custom CSS file (e.g. /css/env.css).


namespace App\EventSubscriber;

class AdminAssetsSubscriber implements \Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventSubscriberInterface
    public static function getSubscribedEvents(): array
        return [
            \Pimcore\Event\BundleManagerEvents::CSS_PATHS => 'onCssPaths',

    public function onCssPaths(\Pimcore\Event\BundleManager\PathsEvent $event)
        $event->setPaths(array_merge($event->getPaths(), ['/css/env.css']));

Create a CSS file /css/env.css. In this example, we intentionally style the Pimcore backend's UI body with a standout background.

body:not([data-app-env='prod']) #pimcore_body {
    background: repeating-linear-gradient(
        #005baa 5px,
        #0c0f12 30px,
        #0c0f12 10px