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Custom Reports

Custom Reports is a report engine directly integrated into Pimcore. With Custom Reports it is possible to create tabular or chart reports (or both) with further filtering and export functionality.

Custom Reports

The data source for the reports is always a source adapter which is responsible for retrieving and preparing the report data. Currently two adapters ship with Pimcore:

  • SQL: Retrieve Data based on a SQL statement Custom Reports Configuration
  • Google Analytics: Retrieve Data from Google Analytics

Custom Report Permissions

With custom report permissions it is possible to define which users should be able to see a report. Following options are available:

  • Share globally: Custom report is visible to all users that have reports permission.
  • Visible to users: Custom report is visible to all listed users.
  • Visible to roles: Custom report is visible to all listed roles.

Custom Data Source Adapters

It is easily possible to implement custom source adapters for special use cases. To do so following steps are necessary:

  • JavaScript Class: This class defines the user interface in the configuration of the custom report. It has to be located in the namespace pimcore.report.custom.definition, named like the adapter (e.g. pimcore.report.custom.definition.mySource) and implement the methods initialize, getElement and getValues. As sample see analytics
  • PHP Adapter Class: This class is the server side implementation of the adapter. It is responsible for retrieving and preparing the options, columns and data. It has to extend the abstract class Pimcore\Model\Tool\CustomReport\Adapter\AbstractAdapter (or implement Pimcore\Model\Tool\CustomReport\Adapter\CustomReportAdapterInterface). As examples see Analytics adapter and Sql adapter.
  • Register your Adapter Factory as Service
    • If you are using a simple adapter class without dependency injection parameters, you can use the DefaultCustomReportAdapterFactory providing the adapter class' FQN as single argument
          class: Pimcore\Model\Tool\CustomReport\Adapter\DefaultCustomReportAdapterFactory
              - 'App\CustomReport\Adapter\Custom'
    • If you are using a more complex adapter, you can create your own factory by implementing the interface Pimcore\Model\Tool\CustomReport\Adapter\CustomReportAdapterFactoryInterface
  • Add your Adapter Factory to the configuration:
            myAdapter: app.custom_report.adapter.factory.custom

Custom JS Class for Report Visualization

If you need to fully customize the appearance of the report, you can specify a custom java script class that should be used when opening the report in Pimcore Backend. This class can be specified in Report Class option and should extend the default java script class for the reports which is pimcore.report.custom.report.