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Link Editable


The link editable is used for dynamic link creation in documents.


You can pass nearly every valid attribute an <a>-tag can have (w3.org - Link), such as: class, target, id, style, accesskey, name, title, data-*, aria-* and additionally the following:

Name Type Description
reload boolean Set to true to reload the page in editmode after changing the state.
textPrefix string Add an icon or something else before Text
textSuffix string Add an icon or something else after Text
noText boolean If you need only the <a> tag without text (or only with an textSuffix/TextPrefix)
required boolean/string (default: false) set to true to make link and text required for publish, set to "linkonly" to make only the link required for publish

For security reasons we created an allow list to filter harmfull html attributes. For example all on* attributes will be filtered out!


Name Return Description
getHref() string Get the path of this link
getText() string Get the text of the link
getTarget() string Get the target of the link
getParameters() string Get the query params of the link
getAnchor() string Get the anchor text of the link
getTitle() string Get the title of the link
getRel() string Get the rel text of the link
getTabindex() string Get the tabindex of the link
getClass() string Get the class of the link
getAccessKey() string Get the access key of the link
isEmpty() string Whether the editable is empty or not


Basic Usage

    {{ "Visit our" | trans }}
    {{ pimcore_link('blogLink') }}

You could see the backend preview in the picture, below.

Link editable - adminitration panel

And the frontend:

Link editable - frontend

Let's see how to make a list of links with Block.

<h3>{{ "Useful links" | trans }}</h3>
    {% for i in pimcore_block('linkblock').iterator %}
        <li>{{ pimcore_link('myLink', {'class': "special-link-class"}) }}</li>
    {% endfor %}

The above example renders a list of links: The links list in the backend

Please also see the section about Link Generators