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Document Inheritance

The Content Main Document setting, allows a document to inherit all of its contents from any other document which can then be overwritten individually on field level. Notice: Properties are not inherited via Content Main Documents.

If this setting is selected and Apply new main document is clicked, all contents will be erased from the current document and inherited from the main document.


  1. Drag a main document to the document where you'd like to inherit the contents (Content-Main Document in settings tab).
  2. Press the Apply new main document button

Apply main document

  1. Confirm the warning dialog

Confirm main document changes

  1. Now you can see grey spaces in the document. If you want to overwrite any value, just click the right button on it.

Main document - the editmode preview

Content Main Document in the Code

Using a main document doesn't change anything in the PHP API. If you load a document which has related a main document, then values returned by it will be replaced by values from the main document (unless values are overwritten).

You can get Main document object by getContentMainDocument method available in \Pimcore\Model\Document\Page.

$document = \Pimcore\Model\Document\Page::getById(130);
    'main_document' => $document->getContentMainDocument()->getKey(),
    'document' => $document->getKey()