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Additional Tools Installation

Pimcore uses some 3rd party applications for certain functionalities, such as video transcoding (FFMPEG), image optimization (advpng, cjpeg, ...), and many others. For a full list of additional tools required or recommended for Pimcore, please visit Pimcore System Requirements.

The installation of some of the tools is covered in this guide and should work at least on every Debian based Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, ...). For other Linux distributions you might have to adopt some commands to your platform-specific environment, but we try to use as many statically linked software as possible, that can be used on any x64 Linux platform.

It's important that all tools (incl. composer) are added to the $PATH env. variable, so that Pimcore is able to find the executables. If you're not able to control the $PATH variable, you can also manually configure the paths for each application.


Please visit the official install guide for Composer: https://getcomposer.org/


Please keep in mind that many Linux/GNU distributions ship FFMPEG only with free codecs, so they do not support commonly used video codecs such as mpeg4 and many others.

sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

LibreOffice, pdftotext, Inkscape, ...

apt-get install libreoffice libreoffice-script-provider-python libreoffice-math xfonts-75dpi poppler-utils inkscape libxrender1 libfontconfig1 ghostscript

Chromium (Chrome Headless)

Please visit: https://www.chromium.org/getting-involved/download-chromium

Wkhtmltopdf (Deprecated)

Please visit: http://wkhtmltopdf.org/downloads.html

Image Optimizers


wget https://github.com/imagemin/jpegoptim-bin/raw/main/vendor/linux/jpegoptim -O /usr/local/bin/jpegoptim
chmod 0755 /usr/local/bin/jpegoptim


apt-get install pngquant


apt-get install optipng


apt-get install libimage-exiftool-perl


Install webp for WebP-Support

apt-get install webp


Install graphviz for Workflow

apt-get install graphviz


Install facedetect for image thumbnails focal point

apt-get install facedetect

Check your installation

You can check system requirements via Admin UI Tools / System Info & Tools / System-Requirements Check menu.

Or via following CLI command:

bin/console pimcore:system:requirements:check