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Magic Parameters

Pimcore supports some magic parameters which can be added as parameter to every request.


Setting this parameter disables every kind of cache, eg.: http://www.example.com/my/page?pimcore_nocache
This parameter only works if DEBUG MODE is on.


Disables all output filters, incl. the output-cache. But this doesn't disable the internal object cache, eg.: http://www.example.com/my/page?pimcore_outputfilters_disabled=1
This parameter only works if DEBUG MODE is on.


Disables the JavaScript minifier. Useful for ExtJS debugging. Disabled by default if in DEV MODE.

This parameter only works if DEBUG MODE is on.


Enables verbose logging (including database queries) to a separate log file only for this particular request called with this parameter, eg.: http://www.example.com/my/page?pimcore_log=my-log-name

If no value is set to this parameter the log file can be found here: /var/log/request-[Y-m-d_H-i-s].log. If a value is given, the value will be part of the log files name: /var/log/request-[NAME].log

This parameter only works if DEBUG MODE is on. (this is also the successor of the parameter pimcore_dbprofile in earlier versions)


Disables the "redirect to main domain" feature. This is especially useful when using Pimcore behind a reverse proxy.


Configures the translator to return the given translation key instead of actually translating the message. This can be useful to debug translations or to get an overview over used translation keys. Example: http://www.example.com/my/page?pimcore_debug_translations=1

This parameter is only available when debug mode is active or an active admin session is present. It is possible to disable this feature completely or individualize the name of the GET parameter using the following configuration options.

            enabled: false
            # you could also change the parameter from pimcore_debug_translations to something else
            parameter: my_custom_parameter