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Working with Sites


With Sites, it is possible to create multi domain web applications within Pimcore. Starting point is always a certain node in the Documents tree. From this starting point on, the whole sub tree can appear as an own Site and is reachable with a certain domain.

Configuring Sites

You can create subsites in Pimcore very easily directly in the context menu of the Document tree:

Configuring Sites

That's basically all.

Note: Of course, your server setup (VHost, ServerAlias) must be configured properly so that all the requests for all the domains are delegated to Pimcore.

Now also the routing functionalities Custom Routes and Redirects can be configured site specific. Also, lots of other Pimcore tools and functionalities like Glossary, Tag & Snippet Management, Marketing Settings (Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager) and Website Settings are site specific.

Sites in your Code

Check if Current Request is Inside a Subsite

if(\Pimcore\Model\Site::isSiteRequest()) { /* ... */ }
{% if pimcore_site_is_request() %}
    {# ... #}
{% endif %}

Working with the Navigation Helper

See Navigation for more information.

Getting the full path of a document inside a subsite-request

$document->getRealFullpath(); // returns the path including the site-root
$document->getFullPath(); // returns the path relative to the site-root
document.getRealFullpath()   {# returns the path including the site-root #}
document->getFullPath()  {# returns the path relative to the site-root #}

Getting the root-document of the current site

if (\Pimcore\Model\Site::isSiteRequest()) {
    $site = \Pimcore\Model\Site::getCurrentSite();
    $navStartNode = $site->getRootDocument();
} else {
    $navStartNode = \Pimcore\Model\Document::getById(1);
    {% if pimcore_site_is_request() %}
        {% set site = pimcore_site_current() %}
        {% set navStartNode = site.getRootDocument() %}
    {% else %}
        {% set navStartNode = pimcore_document(1) %}
    {% endif %}

Some other Tools

The functionality should be pretty self-explanatory:

\Pimcore\Tool\Frontend::isDocumentInSite($site, $document);