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Grid Column Configuration Operators

Grid Configuration Operators allow you to add special columns to your grid which are somehow assembled or converted using operators listed below.

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The basic concept is that an operator has one or more data attributes as child elements and executes its operation on their values. For example, the ObjectFieldGetter has the manufacturer data attribute as child and calls getName on the value of the manufacturer attribute (which is a manufacturer data object). This results in a column that contains the manufacturer name.

With some operators this basic concept gets extended or reversed, please see detailed descriptions in their docs.

In addition to that, there are also operators who work without any data attribute as child. One example for that is the Text operator.

Operator Overview





By default, the string representation of the result value is displayed.

Render example 1

This can be changed wrapping the result into a renderer operator. In the following example, the image (the result of getImage_1()) would be rendered as image.

Render example 2