Storage Unit Supplier Creates Better Customer Experience With New eCommerce Platform

Kroftman is a big supplier of storage facilities and storage tents. The large inventory and diversity of product aspects proved to be challenging to offer in a simple and recognizable way to the website visitors. By installing Pimcore in the website potential clients can easily request an offer or make an order.

Business Needs

Kroftman coped with three main problems for which they sought a solution. First of which was the use of a CMS platform that didn’t offer an optimal performance for their needs. This meant Kroftman had to keep their information up to date by hand in Microsoft Excel. This resulted in an unclear and chaotic amount of client, product and price information. 

The second issue came from the saturated market that put the sales force under pressure. Expansion towards other countries was a logical next step and Kroftman needed to be efficient if they wanted to succeed.  Thirdly, their clients would sometimes end up with the wrong sales consultant, who was not specialized in their needs and did not speak their native language. This offered enough incentive to renew their existing processes.

Pimcore Solution

„Youwe enriches our search marketing efforts continuously with new insights and techniques.“

The Pimcore solution offered Kroftman the opportunity to publish and manage their product information more efficiently on the e-Commerce platform. Even with versatile products, the Pimcore-based catalogue offers a solution which gives the website visitors the chance to choose from different variables. Kroftman uses the Pimcore CMS platform as well to manage their increasing content base. Youwe, a solution partner, created a customized look and feel for the system, without compromises towards the ‘old’ functions of Kroftman’s CMS. This made adding and adapting pages and content possible.

Business Results

With Pimcore’s solution came an array of business results. With the help of the “offer generator,” and increased amount of inbound leads were produced. With a more efficient sales process in place, more time was available for the sales team to deliver meaningful value to potential clients. Having such a powerful system in place, the clients became more satisfied as the product was very user-friendly and an optimal amount of information was provided in an organized fashion.

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