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We released Pimcore 10.1 / X.1 today, adding incredible new features and improvements to Pimcore X.
August 04, 2021
On November 18, 2021, the latest edition of our annual virtual conference will unite the whole community. We are looking forward to welcoming 3 000+ participants from the global...
Juni 29, 2021
Pimcore today announced a new partnership with Summa Linguae Technologies. This partnership will provide Pimcore customers a robust, automated localization solution that...
Juni 23, 2021
Das Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework bildet als Teil der Pimcore Plattform™ eine hervorragende Grundlage für die Erstellung von Webshops. Seine enorme Flexibilität...
Juni 17, 2021
Combining anonymous and known customer data to drive individualized digital experiences, creating rich and engaging experiences at scale.
Juni 08, 2021
We talked with Marcel Hollerbach, CMO of Productsup, about the partnership between Pimcore and Productsup. Next to upcoming trends, he talked about the benefits of this...
Mai 28, 2021
Die Pimcore GmbH, das Unternehmen hinter der weltweit beliebtesten Open-Source-Plattform für integriertes Daten- und Customer-Experience Management, gibt die sofortige...
Mai 11, 2021
Pimcore and its partner network are steadily growing. Now, Pimcore is welcoming as their new strategic partner in Russia. “Привет!” to Russia!
Mai 06, 2021