Pimcore vs TYPO3

Pimcore and TYPO3 are content management systems powered by open-source technology. They offer flexible and scalable enterprise solutions for digital experience management. What makes them different?

Comparison Table

Pimcore WCM
Technology stack
Outdated TYPO3 proprietary programming language TypoScript can give a difficult time to software developers making setup and maintenance costly and complex.
Pimcore is powered by the widely used Symfony PHP Framework. It's one of the latest, modern web technologies that empowers developers to deliver solutions fast and efficiently. 
Digital platform
TYPO3 is only suitable for the administration of websites. Important features such as Web2Print (automated PDF rendering) and DAM require the installation of uncertain extensions or custom programming.
Pimcore is far more than just a web content management system. It is a digital experience platform that includes DAM (digital asset management), PIM (product information management) and digital commerce.
Ease of integration
Incomplete APIs and limited interfaces make it necessary to adjust your processes to the software. Integration with system landscapes is difficult because not all data can be accessed by external IT applications.
APIs make integration at any time and with all systems possible. For Content-as-a-Service (CaaS) and Marketing Automation - Pimcore can adapt to your processes to make your customer experience smooth.
Content personalization
TYPO3 capabilities to deliver personalized digital experiences to your audiences are rudimentary and limited in its features.
Pimcore provides a native behavioral targeting engine and seamlessly integrated extensive personalization of web content.
Admin user experience
The admin user interface of TYPO3, with its less intuitive experience and usability, can not cover its heritage of a more than 20 year old software.
Pimcore is very user-friendly and provides a context-sensitive user interface with a smooth drag-and-drop user experience. Give it a try to feel the difference :) 

Every day legacy TYPO3 solutions are replaced by Pimcore



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iwis is a globally active technology leader in the field of high-precision, top-quality chain drive systems for automotive and industrial applications.
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To enable catalog and web content to be updated quickly and easily, Pimcore, an intelligent digital asset management system, was introduced. It allows to quickly create and update a wide range of media with a simple mouse click.
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The Ev. Altenhilfe Gesundbrunnen is a large provider of diaconal work for the elderly in Germany. With 22 old hospices and 7 outpatient services; day nursing homes and assisted living facilities, they work for more than 2,000 people in need of care and assistance.
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