Events & Webinars

We are regularly present at various physical and virtual events around the world. At the moment we are most active in Europe and the USA. We are looking forward to a personal meeting with you!

Webinar | 13.12.2023 at 3:00 PM CET

Dive deep into our latest Pimcore Platform Release 2023.3, brimming with fresh features ready to elevate your experience. Journey with us as we unveil our ambitious AI/ML strategy, fortified by our proud partnership with Hugging Face. And as a special treat, get an exclusive sneak peek into Pimcore Inspire 2024. Join us in this heartwarming session, where innovation meets celebration.

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Pimcore Inspire | 19 - 20 March 2024

Imagine engaging with the brightest minds in the industry surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of the Austrian Alps. This year, we are taking our flagship event to these picturesque mountains, offering an atmosphere where creativity and inspiration flow as freely as the alpine breezes. 

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Pimcore Partner Galaxy

Explore cutting-edge Data and Digital Experience Management in the Pimcore Partner Galaxy. Connect with industry leaders and pioneers around the world at events, networking sessions, signature conferences, and enlightening webinars hosted by Pimcore Partners.

Event | 23.11.2023 - 02:00 PM CET

Spannende Vorträge, interessante Use-Cases und weitere Insights rund um die Themen Datenmanagement, Prozessautomatisierung und KI sind garantiert. Anschließen laden wir zu einem entspannten "Get Together" mit Drinks und Food ein. Die perfekte Gelegenheit, Wissen zu erweitern und sich zu vernetzen.

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Webinar | 05.12.2023 - 02:00 PM CET

Schneller, besser, personalisierter! Olympioniken leisten Übermenschliches, Marketer können mit dem richtigen Einsatz von KI zu Superhelden werden. Das Webinar mit Live-Demo zeigt dir anhand von drei Use Cases, wie Künstliche Intelligenz mit PIM-Daten eingesetzt werden kann, um Prozesse zu automatisieren!

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Past Events

Pimcore PIM - 2 Minute Demo     

Pimcore's open source product information management software centralizes and harmonizes all your marketing, sales and technical product information. It can acquire, manage and share any type of digital data and is designed for easy integration into existing IT system landscapes.

Pimcore Datahub - Open Source GraphQL CaaS

Open source Graph QL feature strengthens Content-As-A-Service capabilities for enhanced data delivery and consumption. This tool improves organizations’ ability to transform data connectivity and centralize data governance for multiple input and output channels


Pimcore - MDM/PIM Demo          

Discover the power of Pimcore's MDM/PIM features and solutions. Gain insights on how you can seamlessly integrate, consolidate, and efficiently manage any type and volume of digital data, all from the convenience of your web browser.


Pimcore Connect - 2023     

Discover the excitement of Pimcore Connect, our exclusive event for Pimcore Partners! Watch the video to experience the excitement of Pimcore Connect!


Pimcore Awards

Pimcore Inspire: Celebrating Partner of the year, Data hero of the year, Experience of the year, & Customer of the year Awards.


Pimcore Academy 101 

Learn more about the Pimcore Sales Pitch. This talk includes: How to pitch Pimcore? What to care about? Where to get all relevant information for a perfect pitch?

Transformational Customer Experiences with SaaS | AWS

Customer Experience transformation that comes with the journey from traditional on-premises software to a SaaS model. Learn best practices and key points for success.

How to Optimize Performance I Pimcore           

Learn about the recommended tools, configuration, and best practices to develop a highly optimized web application for high traffic with an excellent user experience.


Deep-Dive: Pimcore Data Importer                   

Enhance Pimcore datahub with powerful import functionality: effortlessly import and map data from external sources without coding using the feature-packed extension.


Pimcore Product Content Syndication | Productsup 


Overview of the vendor and seller onboarding and how to import data from Productsup to Pimcore. Also, learn how to export product data managed in Pimcore again to Productsup to syndicate it worldwide.


Pimcore Enterprise Open Source  


Overview of the vendor and seller onboarding: Importing data from Productsup to Pimcore and exporting Pimcore Product Data for global syndication


The Future of Data Management & Seamless Platforms

In a highly connected world, digital experiences are the cornerstone of digital transformation. Learn more about why Pimcore is the leading global platform to own your digital world.


Headless content management with Pimcore

Discover how Pimcore transforms into a hybrid CMS, enabling the simultaneous use of traditional CMS and headless CMS functionalities.


Pimcore in the MACH world            

Discover how Pimcore empowers enterprises with a MACH architecture robust platform for creating exceptional digital experiences today and in the future.


The Magic Triangle of Digitalization

It's about data, processes, experiences — all within an omnichannel business world. We show you how Pimcore supports your digital transformation challenges with exceptional data and experience management.


Print publishing with Pimcore for omnichannel experiences

Learn about the extensive Pimcore capabilities to enable print for all forms of complexity and automation needs.


Portals - gateways to the world of marketing collaboration

A humorous guide through the pitfalls of legacy technologies and market insights for state-of-the-art marketing operations

Pimcore X                                         

Learn more about new features and functionalities: Data Importer, Workflow Editor, Perspectives Editor, SSO with OpenID Connect, Headless CMS.


Asset and Product Experience Portal

Explore a deep dive session of the brand new Experience Portal. With the portal engine, you can create an unlimited number of portals and tenants per end-customer. There are no limitations concerning the number of users, displayed products, or assets.


Microsoft & Adobe Integration - CI HUB & Pimcore

Learn more about how Pimcore directly integrates with your Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud applications. Powered by CI HUB, a leader in digital asset syndication and integration.


Product Syndication                      

Join us as we explore the power of syndication in enhancing your marketing efforts and driving better results.


Translation Management              

Translation Management is a powerful extension enables you to automate your translation processes, centralize linguistic assets, and enable collaboration across the entire translation supply chain with


Best Pimcore Product Configurators

The Pimcore Platform™ provides a great foundation for creating product configurators for eCommerce webshops. Its flexibility allows you to build anything. Take a look at the ones most liked by our community.


Data Modeling in Pimcore PIM and MDM

How data modeling building tool lets you configure product data models within minutes in a graphical user interface - no coding required


Uniting the community 

The Pimcore User Groups