Pour les développeurs

Nous sommes fiers de dire que Pimcore a été conçu pour les développeurs. Il est basé sur un stack technologique des plus récents et des plus à jour. Et sa flexibilité exceptionnelle garantit qu'il n'y aura aucune limite à votre créativité. Pimcore vous permet de créer n'importe quelle solution de gestion de données ou de d'expérience client - rapidement et exactement comme vous le souhaitez.

Is Pimcore right for me?

Pimcore is a digital platform, which can be used to speed up digitization projects in medium- to large-scale companies. If your company is looking to centralize data, automate business processes, or build highly sophisticated digital experiences such as B2B portals, websites, and online shops – then Pimcore will be the right tool for you.

If you loved playing with Lego when you were a kid, you will also love developing with Pimcore (and by the way, Lego is one of our customers too). Our modular approach is similar to the ones of Drupal, SAP Commerce Cloud, and Spryker, but much more flexible thanks to a 100% API-driven software architecture.

Our platform allows developers to focus on solving actual business challenges rather than waste their time on trying to work out excessive configuration options. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box product, which shows you exactly what to do and how to use it, Pimcore might not be the right tool for you. A very thin and exact configuration layer is something you won’t find within the Pimcore Platform™. Pimcore is a framework. This means that it abstracts recurring patterns as much as possible and provides predefined components and APIs to make your life as a developer much more comfortable and highly productive. 

Si vous oulez en savoir plus, sautez le pas et testez notre version de démo publique. Vous pouvez également déployer votre installation dédiée de notre démo dans le cloud grâce à Bitnami.

So how can you get started?

Learning how to use Pimcore might seem difficult in the beginning. One of the basics you absolutely need to have acquired before getting started is a profound knowledge of object-orientated web development with PHP, based on the MVC pattern. Good knowledge of Symfony, and basic knowledge of MySQL/MariaDB are also highly advantageous.

  • Learn all about how to use the Pimcore Platform™ in our documentation.
  • Take a hands-on approach to learning by installing our demo.
  • Check out our useful bundles and sample code on GitHub.
  • Browse a variety of community bundles on the Pimcore Marketplace.
  • Take a step-by-step approach to learning, get certified, and more in our Pimcore Academy.

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Get Support 

Whether you’re starting a garage project, growing your business, or building enterprise solutions: We’re here to help you succeed! Users of the Open Source Pimcore Community Edition have access to our community-backed support channels. Pimcore Subscribers can additionally take advantage of direct support from our team and many other support options. Discover support services for the Pimcore Platform™, including developer communities, technical guidance, and expert support.

  • Search the documentation to get in-depth technical information, tutorials, and more.
  • Get help, join ongoing discussions, or start your own discussion in our community forums.
  • Exchange ideas in our community chat.
  • Ask other Pimcore developers on StackOverflow to get answers to technical questions.
  • View current known issues, if you found a problem and want to check if it's already been reported.
  • Report a bug or suggest new features by using our issue tracker.
  • View our FAQs and browse frequently asked questions for fast answers to common questions.
  • Contact our support team regarding issues and account questions (only with Pimcore Enterprise Subscription).

How to help?

You’d like to become part of a community of thousands of developers, building amazing data management and experience management solutions? The Pimcore community is growing fast. More than 250 developers are actively and constantly adding their upgrades to the Pimcore Platform™. In addition to more than 130 solution partner agencies, companies such as Oetker Digital, Universal Music Group, and ProSiebenSat.1 Group have already implemented the product and contribute great improvements and new features. You would like to help advance the project but don't know where to start? We'll get you started!

  • Help translate the platform to other languages. Start with “Essential” and continue with “Extended”.
  • Report a bug or suggest new features by using our issue tracker.
  • Support other community members and help solve their issues in the community forums.
  • Solve a small issue and improve the project by fixing a reported bug or implementing a requested improvement.
  • Submit feedback and patches to improve the quality of the documentation.
  • Review a submitted pull request by other contributors to improve the software’s quality.
  • Talk about Pimcore and increase awareness of it within your personal network.
  • Create a Pimcore bundle to extend functionalities and make them available to the community.
  • Host a Pimcore event, meetup, or user group. Opening it to other people makes the entire ecosystem stronger!

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