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The Pimcore Academy is the perfect training and education platform for all software developers and sales staff. The extensive course offer including a total of 55 lessons, 200 chapters and more than 40 hours of on-demand video material is bound to impress and inspire you. Deepen your know-how with practical code examples, tutorials and links to further information – and become an expert for Pimcore! An active subscription is always valid for one year and costs EUR 449 per year and user (excl. VAT) – no matter how many certificates you want to get.

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  • Become a Pimcore expert and get valuable first-hand know-how!
  • Continuously updated training for software developers and sales staff
  • 55 lessons, 200 chapters & more than 40 hours of on-demand video material
  • Valid for 1 year for EUR 449.00 per year & user (excl. VAT)
  • Get all available certificates with only one subscription


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Tableau de prix

Pimcore Junior Developer
8 lessons | approx. 10 hours
Pimcore Senior Developer
22 lessons | approx. 12 hours
Pimcore Enterprise Developer
9 lessons | approx. 10 hours
17 lessons | approx. 12 hours

This basic course provides a general introduction to Pimcore and the system – from first steps to working with data elements and data management. Upon completion, including a certificate, you will be familiar with the principles of Pimcore. You will know where to find everything and can already create simple solutions.

In this course, you will acquire a deeper understanding of Pimcore and its numerous features and functionalities. Topics include expanding Pimcore with bundles, workflows, implementation and hosting. You will also get a comprehensive introduction to the e-commerce framework.

In this course, you will learn all about the Enterprise Extensions of Pimcore Cloud and Enterprise Edition. Learn to configure the Experience Portals, Productsup integration, Adobe/Microsoft CI Hub integration, Simple REST API, and much more!

This course is perfect for anyone working in sales and business development. It provides in-depth knowledge of the Pimcore platform and products from a sales perspective. Great insights on how to sell Pimcore more efficiently to your customers included!

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Simply sign up and pay the membership fee either with your credit card or PayPal. For bulk orders, it is best to contact us via the form provided below. Pro tip: If you buy ten accounts or more, you get a volume discount of 10 percent. By the way, Pimcore Gold and Strategic Partners benefit from a 10 percent discount as well.

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With your personal user account, you get access to all course materials. Exam submissions are processed individually, and certificates are awarded on a personalized basis.

Four certificates are waiting for you!

After completing the courses and passing the tests, the respective certificates are issued. They are valid for one year and can be easily renewed with your subscription.

Earn a globally recognized certification and make use of your expertise at your agency, implementing exciting projects!

“Whether you want to learn Pimcore from the scratch, enhance your existing skills, or just keep up to date with new features, Pimcore Academy is the place to be.”
Franck Baduel, Co-Founder & CEO

Benefits for agencies

  • handle larger and complex challenges with more ease
  • profitably implement projects 
  • sell Pimcore products more efficiently 
  • gain customers’ trust with abundant know-how 
  • expand your portfolio and tap into a market of thousands of Pimcore customers
  • access exclusive sales, development and promotional materials


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Frequently Asked Questions - General

We offer courses and certificates for developers, consultants, sales representatives and business developers.

It’s simple: Just select your desired certificate and complete the lessons and exercises. At the end, all you need to do is pass one multiple-choice test per certificate. 

The length of the on-demand video lessons for each certificate is approximately 8 hours, not including the practice examples. In our experience, each certificate takes one to two days to complete.

Developer Certificates: in-depth knowledge of object-oriented web development with PHP 7+ based on the MVC (Model View Controller) pattern and the Symfony PHP Framework 3.4+; basic knowledge of MySQL/MariaDB

Consultant Certificate: Industry-specific knowledge is an advantage but not required.

There are currently four certificates available. You can get all of these.

Of course you can! Register for free with Pimcore Academy and explore select lessons without an Academy Subscription!

Simply complete the new and updated lessons, and pass a final multiple-choice test! You will need an active Pimcore Academy Subscription for EUR 449.00 per year. We will gladly send you an activation code for this, which you can request from us via e-mail. If you order via email, you will receive a discount. 

No. To maintain the validity of your existing certification, you need an active Pimcore Academy Subscription.

Yes, you will receive a 10 % discount when purchasing 10 or more Academy accesses. Contact us using the form below.

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