Pimcore 5.6 enhances productivity for editors

The latest version of Pimcore brings many new feature highlights. Appending, moving or deleting multiple documents, assets or data objects at once increases the editor's productivity. Upgrades to the most-up-to-date technologies such as WebP images and ElasticSearch 6 make developers happy.

New Features

Multi-select in trees
Makes editors work easier. Enables moving or deleting multiple items, such as documents, assets or data objects, in their trees at once. Also adds faster batch assignments for multiple relations in data objects and documents. What a great, highly awaited new feature! See the video above to watch it in action.
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Better batch editing dialog
The batch editing feature can be used to modify multiple data objects at the same time. We have improved the UI of this feature.

Improvements for the Many-To-Many Data Object Relation Data-Type
We now provide the possibility to configure the visible fields of the assigned data-objects in the editing widget. It is also now possible to perform batch editing for these fields.

New Grid-Configuration Dialog for structured Data Object
Ensures a clear overview. All available tools & configurations are now structured into separate and meaningfully labeled panels.
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New Payment Provider PayU
Was integrated into the eCommerce framework. The Netherlands based company offers more than 300 payment methods and processes approximately 1.2 million payments every single day. 
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WebP Support for Image Thumbnails
Pimcore CMS/UX now natively supports WebP by default. This allows automated conversion from other image formats to WebP and delivering WebP images to compatible browsers. WebP is an emerging image format by Google. It's designed to provide a better-optimized compression algorithm than JPG and PNG with the objective of reducing file sizes with minimal quality loss. That means faster websites consuming less bandwidth. Amongst web browsers, Google Chrome and Opera already support WebP.
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Standardized naming of relational object data-types and document editables
We renamed them to more widely used terms, inspired by other frameworks such as Doctrine and Eloquent. Examples: Many-To-One Relation (formerly Href), Many-To-Many Relation (formerly Multihref).

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Improved E-Mail Test Sending Capabilities
It is now possible to include custom parameters within a dialog when sending email or newsletter documents.

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Tighter integration with payment provider PayPal
We now include more information about products and shipping information of orders exchanged with this payment provider. 
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Tool Tip Icons for Data Objects
Added an info icon at the end of a label if the given field has a tooltip. This improves the user interface.

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ElasticSearch 6 Adapter
Added Support for ElasticSearch 6.x 
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Better thumbnail behavior for PSDs
Pimcore now always uses the first layer (which contains the entire visible part of an image) of a multi-layered format. 
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Faster Data Object Class Modeling
The editor now prompts for the name of a new field, the name and title attribute get prefilled. 
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Open Document Preview in New Tab
A new button in the toolbar enables opening the preview version of a document in a new browser tab.
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Copy & paste documents as language variants
For faster translation, this feature creates a new document with a pre-selected language & connects it with the source document.
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The ensemble

This release was led by Bernhard Rusch, with the help of these fine people. There are 178 contributors with props to the Pimcore project so far.

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