Why we decided NOT to host a Pimcore Inspire this year

Are you wondering why there won’t be a Pimcore Inspire this year? There’s a good reason for it – or actually, three good reasons. Find out what they are!
Why we decided NOT to host a Pimcore Inspire this year - Impression #1

If you’re a loyal member of the Pimcore community, you’re probably looking forward to the Pimcore Inspire every year. Maybe you’ve also been wondering why you haven’t received an invite to it this year. We get it! It’s a one-of-a-kind conference, and we love it too!  

However, this year, we decided against hosting the Pimcore Inspire. Instead, we chose to hold the Pimcore Mountain Summit on September 27. This brand-new Pimcore conference format is open exclusively to partners, and more specifically, to people with a focus in Sales, Business Development, Marketing or Partner Management. If you’re curious why we made this strategic decision, there’s a good reason for it – or actually, three good reasons. We’ll tell you more about that below!  

You’re not among the target groups listed? Don’t worry! Next year, we’ll be back with another Pimcore Inspire open to the public, customers and developers. And – if you know us at all by now, you can probably imagine – the Inspire 2023 is bound to return with a bang!  

But now let’s get back to the topic of why we decided on a Mountain Summit instead of the Pimcore Inspire for this year:  

Reason no. 1  

Post-pandemic, many companies were struggling to get their business going again. Considering this challenging situation, Pimcore wanted to give its partner network a unique boost to help them stay ahead of the competition. We stuck our heads together and came up with the idea for the Mountain Summit: a conference that is free for our partners and targeted specifically at people working in Business Development, Marketing, Sales or Partner Management.  

We will be covering topics such as the new partner program, best practices, the Pimcore sales pitch, joint marketing events, and more. All with the aim of helping our partners drive business through the roof!  

Reason no. 2 

After having to hold last year’s Pimcore Inspire exclusively online, we really couldn’t wait for another live event. Even though online conferences are great, being able to meet with and party together with the Pimcore community is awesome on a whole other level. If you’ve ever been to one of our legendary parties, you know what we mean. 😉  

This live-only event now gives us the chance to connect and catch up with those who can benefit the most from our support and the community’s insights right now (see reason no. 1). We didn’t mean to exclude anyone – the thematic focus just happens to be a slightly different one this year, given the unique circumstances.  

At the same time, we’re already working hard on the program for the Pimcore Inspire 2023 – and this event will cater to the interests of developers and customers as well. 

Reason no. 3  

Some of our partners haven’t visited us at our beautiful home base Salzburg yet. We wanted to give them a chance to come here and have an amazing time. And one thing’s for sure: Those who attend the Summit are in for the real-deal Salzburg experience – mountains, beer and Austrian delicacies included! Our CEO Dietz might even wear his Lederhosen again.  

Speaking of Dietz … He’s also going to be our keynote speaker. That’s definitely something you won’t want to miss. So if you’re working in Sales, Marketing, Business Development or Partner Management for one of our partners and would like to register for the Mountain Summit: Now’s your chance!


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