Case Study: DC AFAM - Impression #1

Case Study: Gearing Up to the Next Level for Product Information Management

DC-AFAM is the market leader in manufacturing and distributing wear parts within the Motorcycle industry. Its core business is to produce sprockets, filters, brakes and batteries for motorcycles.

DC AFAM was looking for a new PIM/DAM system to replace their own custom-made PIM/DAM called 'Magic'. Despite the name of their own system, it didn't do the magic trick anymore. As of today, Pimcore waves the magic wand for them, acting as a solid PIM/DAM solution for their product onboarding lifecycle and a single source of truth for e-commerce, product labeling, and more.

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Making sure all sprockets fit together

Their specific product focus requires the need and knowledge to match the different motorcycle brands and series to the correct products that they offer. A mismatch between their catalog and motorcycles translates to a direct loss of revenue. Next to this, DC AFAM also offers 'kits', which consist of a front sprocket, chain and rear sprocket. Because of the amount of products and possibilities, this results in hundreds of thousands of kit combinations! Finally, the ERP system doesn't have the tools to manage all product data which is present within DC AFAM in a user-friendly way.

"The possibilites are endless and up untill now we haven't encounterd any restrictions. Especially the data hub is a huge plus within DC AFAM. "
Peter Dennes, Managing Director

Ready, set, go!

To tackle all challenges related to their product data, considering the depth of their product range and the matching of motorcycles with the high number of kit combinations, we created a data model with almost 60 object classes and almost 1 million object relations. Pimcore has several out-of-the-box useful tools for the customer to create and manage all their data in an efficient way.

"We are very excited to have DC AFAM as a project. It was clear from the beginning that we had to solve a challenging 'data puzzle' with them and we were convinced we would be able to do so with our team and with the Pimcore features. This fact, in combination with the great team at DC AFAM has made it a success!"
Lien Lemberechts, Project manager

Racing to performance

DC AFAM is really impressed by the ease and speed of adding and enriching data in Pimcore. Because of the flexibility they can now easily maintain all product data, especially regarding kit combinations, which was a huge pain point in the past. The data quality has also taken huge leaps forward thanks to the strength of the datahub, allowing the team at DC AFAM to work self-sufficiently in both importing and exposing data. This way, the time to market of product data has also decreased a fair amount. DC AFAM now has a PIM/MDM system, which is really the single source of truth within their organization and beyond.

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