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Case Study: De Groene Grachten: The Starting Point For Sustainable Retrofitting

De Groene Grachten (The Green Canals) makes historic buildings and areas more sustainable with the mission: ‘If it is possible here, it is possible everywhere’.

De Groene Grachten started with making six Amsterdam canal houses more sustainable, but is now active for many property owners, companies and governments in The Netherlands and abroad. In order to grow further, we digitized the knowledge and expertise in a newly developed central knowledge database and made this information available for various digital platforms and tools.

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Digitization in order to scale up

Since the start in 2012 De Groene Grachten has obtained much knowledge and experience with making historic and monumental buildings more sustainable. With this knowledge and experience De Groene Grachten has made an extensive database. In order to scale up, it was necessary to digitize this valuable knowledge and to make this accessible for various digital tools and platforms.

Pimcore as the accelerator for scaling up

Based on the need to scale up services, we gathered the data from De Groene Grachten in one central knowledge database. With Pimcore as the framework, it is now possible to unlock the knowledge for various platforms and tools of De Groene Grachten such as De Groene Menukaart, the Selfscan tool and the Advice tool. The new knowledge database has, among other, laid the foundation for the automated Advice tool. Advisors and partners of De Groene Grachten can now easily consult in the field of sustainability which results in reduced consultancy costs. With the new smart tool 'Self-scan Sustainable Monument', property owners can quickly retrieve information and see which measures and financing options are available for their situation. In addition, the platform De Groene Menukaart is now ready for further growth as we made a centrally managed multisite of the 23 websites.

Case Study: Marco Kuijlen, Digital Strategist at bitfactory
"With Pimcore we have been able to lay the foundation for a central knowledge database and link various tools to it."
Marco Kuijlen, Digital Strategist at bitfactory

Further growth is now possible

Since its completion in 2020, De Groene Menukaart platform has already been scaled up from 15 to 60 municipalities. And that will grow even further this year. De Groene Grachten has also taken its first steps abroad with De Groene Menukaart. After launching the platform on both the Portuguese and Slovenian markets, the European network will be further expanded this year. Receiving two European Lovie Awards for best platform will definitely help with increasing brand awareness in Europe.

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