How to reorganize workflows thanks to customization and data quality

Marsèll is a company founded in 2001 and based in Fiesso d’Artico (Venice).
For the company, shoes are at the center of a line of research. Each piece is rigorously handmade by experts from the Riviera del Brenta laboratory. The use of innovative techniques, alongside methods almost lost in memory, results in unique, original and informal non-industrial objects.
Thanks to a deep knowledge of the best raw materials, an eye to the balance of the different elements and a direct control over the production, Marsèll has established its excellence all over the world.

The PIM/DAM/MDM project has involved the entire company, redefining workflows in order to facilitate and effectively distribute updates and product information to sales channels

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50.000 pairs of shoes produced per year
200 wholesales customers

Automation to replace Excel files

Marsèll, with a consistent number of products distributed all over the world, was looking for an intelligent solution to organize and manage the entire process of distributing data in the sales channels in a functional and reliable way. Before Pimcore, each data was manually uploaded to Magento e-commerce, or processed in a complex way on excel sheets. Product data was arranged in separate folders that were not always available and accessible to all work teams.
"“We wanted an easy-to-use tool to manage and distribute content on our channels. The time Pimcore saves us allows us to focus more on strategy and less on basic operations.""
Michele Zanandrea, Head of Digital Marketing at Marsèll

Pimcore: from zero to hero!

The Pimcore solution adopted for Marsèll includes PIM/DAM/MDM. Products and attributes were imported from Magento Commerce to reconstruct and re-order the entire data hierarchy on PIM. After this first massive import, the correct flow implies the creation of the product in the management system which is subsequently synchronized in Pimcore. The product is enriched with images, descriptions and translations and then distributed on the sales channels (Magento Commerce and marketplace). Each channel has a different publishing workflow associated with data quality.

Pimcore: the single source of truth for product data and time to market reduction

The new Pimcore solution has brought many benefits to Marsèll, including time savings, increased business productivity and, ultimately, increased traffic and sales in e-commerce and marketplaces. Avoiding manual organization and control product information on numerous and complex excel sheets makes life easier for the operations team, who can use this time to focus on other important activities and increase productivity throughout the company. Furthermore, the ease of creating diversified, correct and updated flows allows Marsèll to sell faster in new markets, thanks to agreements with different marketplaces.

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