Rbd make sure customers find their needle in the haystack

Rbd is a complete supplier of automotive spare parts, such as brake parts, wheel bearings and CV joints. Customers are workshops located all over Sweden. The rbd web site has a state-of-the-art integration with TecDoc, making it possible for customers to find the correct spare part by searching for their license plate number.

Rbd has served automotive repair shops with spare parts for more than ten years. Finding just the right spare part is key for their customers. The aim of the project was twofold: to facilitate for customers in search of a product, but also to make rbd’s internal processes for handling product information such as images and product sheets and data more effective.

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Creating a PIM based multilingual site with ERP and TechDoc integration

Rbd underwent a major rebranding process, that aimed at improving customer service and increasing online sales. Handling the vast amount of product information for around 35000 spare parts was time and money consuming and Rbd needed a more effective way of working. Rbd also wanted to minimize manual handling, thus reducing the risk of wrong orders.
"Pimcore proved to be flexible and it was easy to adjust the system to our particular needs. We work with vast amounts of product information and data. Pimcore helps us organize the information in a clear and manageable way, saving us a lot of time and manual work."
Mattias Danewid, Sales manager

Introducing Pimcore for structure of product information and handling

Pimcore was an obvious choice for handling the vast amount of product information that rbd handles every day. A PIM system was set up and integrated with TecDoc, a database containing millions of automotive spare parts. An integration with BisNode, another database with automotive license plates from the Swedish car registry was also created. Lastly, a connceton to rbd's ERP system was set up, and all was integrated with rbd's web store using Magento e-commerce.
"This has been a very rewarding project for us. Rbd now serves their customers using a state-of-the-art solution that handles vast amounts of data and includes several systems integrations. Contributing to our customers’ success is our company goal and Pimcore has indeed helped us reach our target here."
Damon Tahmasebian, Project leader, Caupo AB

Getting it just right

Pimcore has provided a great framework for the vast amounts of product data that rbd handles in their systems. Information is structured and organized in a way that facilitates internal processes and, above all, makes sure that the information provided to customers is correct and up to date.

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Easier to find articles (more complete product information) -50%
More information and better structure -40%

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