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Case Study: Unifying Product Information with Pimcore PIM

Wainbee Limited is a leading solutions and services provider of engineering systems for industrial motion control, filtration, and automation in Canada. Founded in 1975, the company is the biggest distributor of Parker products in the country and partners with its customers to design and enhance different engineering systems.

Our main goal for this project was to integrate a modern and flexible PIM system that would connect seamlessly with Wainbee’s ERP system. With product information from suppliers submitted in different structures and formats, getting 100% of Wainbee’s products online became an impossible task. But with Pimcore PIM, we made it work.

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Getting 600k+ products online

Only 10% of Wainbee’s products were available online because of challenges with product information management, so we needed to implement a PIM solution that would get 100% of its products out. The business required an API connection to make more than 600,000 products available for customers online. For that, we had to collect all the product information, structure it, and update the SKUs. One of the challenges that we had to address was that multiple suppliers provided differently structured CSV and XLS files. We needed to first standardize the structure of these files so that product information could be uploaded to the system without issues. Meanwhile, we also had to simplify attribute management in Magento so that everything could be updated in the new system without having to get into Magento anymore.


Consolidating information management

We used Pimcore PIM as a centralized solution for product information management for Wainbee so that all its products could be fully managed in one platform. Pimcore allowed us to standardize the format and structure of product information received from different suppliers. The processing of information was simplified, and manual manipulation of data was minimized. With the order processing logic made compatible with the ERP system, we added new order attributes and extended the API. We also created a 1:1 Magento-Pimcore structure for attribute management so that everything could be managed in Pimcore—all syncs and updates.


Centralized PIM solution gets 100% of products available on Wainbee’s eCommerce platform

Now, there is no need to open Magento for product updates. Everything is located in and can be managed via Pimcore. And regardless of the format and structure the suppliers use to submit product information, everything is unified in the platform. With Pimcore PIM, Wainbee can see 100% of its products available online.

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