Ateles creates and develops the future of eCommerce. Based on market-leading platforms Ateles delivers innovative and user-friendly solutions customized to their clients' unique needs. Ateles was founded in 2001 and operates from offices in Stockholm, Linköping, and Oslo.

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Wir nutzen Pimcore für
40% Websites, marketing sites, landing pages
20% PIM & eCommerce
30% Digital Asset Management
5% Multi-Channel-Publishing
5% Others...
  • Digital Agency,
  • E-Commerce Agency,
  • System Integrator
Pimcore Fokus
  • Experience Management,
  • Data Management
Pimcore Strategic Partner
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Pimcore Partner seit 2015

Teknikringen 6
583 30 Linköping

weitere Standorte

Kungsbroplan 3A
112 27 Stockholm

Thunes vei 2
0274 Oslo

Erfolgsgeschichten dieses Pimcore Partners

Fashion-forward retailer brings PIM into the spotlight

The global lifestyle brand GANT has a presence in over 70 countries with over 740 physical stores and is also very strong in digital commerce. They sell a wide variety of casual and classic clothing for men, women, and children. GANT has a total turnover of more than $1.3 billion.
CMS, PIM, Retail

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