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Pimcore Fähigkeiten

  • Database Publishing (Web-to-print and/or InDesign integration)
  • Digital Commerce Framework
  • Magento Integration
  • Adobe Commerce (Magento) integration

Helsingborg Design LAB

Helsingborg Design LAB delivers tailor-made omnichannel solutions, and we have experience with hundreds of projects. Caupo is specialized in Pimcore PIM and DAM, Magento e-commerce, PWA, and Headless solutions and system integrations. We are also a strategic partner for business development.

Challenge us with your project and bring your online business to the next level! 

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Helsingborg Development LAB AB
Brogatan 9
252 66 Helsingborg

Erfolgsgeschichten von Helsingborg Design LAB

Rätt bildelar i Sverige AB

Rbd is a complete supplier of automotive spare parts, such as brake parts, wheel bearings and CV joints. Customers are workshops located all over Sweden. The rbd web site has a state-of-the-art integration with TecDoc, making it possible for customers to find the correct spare part by searching for their license plate number.
PIM/MDM, DAM, Automotive & Fahrzeugbau

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