​​Javra software was founded in 1999. In 2003 we build our own DAM system which is still used with some customers. In 2006 we expanded to Kathmandu in Nepal and in 2022 we started in Lisbon, Portugal for further expansion.

In 2018 we did our first PIMCORE/Magento project and after a very successful implementation we became PIMCORE partner in 2019 in the Netherlands. In total we have around 130 FTE with certified PIMCORE developers on every location.

These days PIMCORE is one of our main focusses and we are committed to be Gold partner as soon as possible.

Pimcore Kenntnisse
Magento Integration
Mobile Apps
UI/UX Design
Marketplace Extensions
Pimcore Silver Partner
  • 2 Jahre Pimcore Partner
  • 7 Zertifizierte Pimcore Enterprise Developer
  • 13 Zertifizierte Pimcore Consultants
  • 8 Zertifizierte Pimcore Senior Developer
  • 12 Zertifizierte Pimcore Junior Developer
  • 1 Case Studies
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Javra Software B.V.
Landzichtweg 64,
4105 DP Culemborg
+31 345 515 930

weitere Standorte
Lalitpur, Nepal

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