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PerfectSight designs and implements innovative and Business User-oriented solutions for Product Information Management, Master Data Management, Performance Management, Business Analytics. With more than 20 years of experience, our proven teams combine business and technical expertise to quickly build, with you, your own solution. We publish several business-oriented models, real accelerators for implementation and automation. Our solutions are based on a powerful, perfectly integrated, technical platform, embedding the most efficient technologies on the market: Pimcore, Jedox, Qlik, PowerBI,... PerfectSight is a company of the IENA group, French leader of Business Analytics and Performance Management solutions implementation.
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32 Rue Arago
92300 Puteaux
+33 1 80 04 13 25

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A French company created in 1942, CHRYSO is the leader in admixtures for construction materials in France. The company offers its customers - cement manufacturers, concrete and prefabrication manufacturers, applicators and construction companies - its expertise in chemistry, formulation, and our knowledge of materials.
PIM/MDM, DAM, Bau & Immobilien

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