The Rise of the Digital Experience Platforms

As the digital equivalent of the classic supply chain, the information supply chain—represented by a chain of connected software solutions—gravitates towards consolidation in the software markets (at least in certain areas), a debate rages on about what’s the most suitable approach for organizations to upgrade their IT infrastructure—by using a best-of-breed software solution or via a holistic solution.

While the best-of-breed solutions piece together finest of technologies in specific domains, they’re accompanied with complexities that might inflate costs and jeopardize data integrity, which is the life force of an information supply chain.

On the other hand, holistic platforms, even though they enhance business processes and do not let data integrity get compromised, are often seen as less capable in comparison to best-of-breed solutions.

Since customer experience and excitement has become non-negotiable for organizations, they find themselves in a sticky situation.

The questions therefore become

  • When does it makes sense to string the best software together?

  • Can a central digital experience platform (DXP) that enables control from one single interface, has an integrated set of core technologies, interoperability, and cross-channel continuity, be the right fit?
  • Which challenges and drawbacks of both approaches can be ameliorated by Open Source Software?
“Holistic Platform Solution vs. Best-Of-Breed Approach”
Download this whitepaper, developed by “The Group of Analysts” along with Pimcore, to know how Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) can cover core information supply chains of enterprises by integrating their key processes, leading to a more goal-driven business.


Table of Contents

  1. The Group of Analysts (TGOA)
  2. Core Information Supply Chain
  3. Digital Experience Platform
  4. Case Studies (Audi and Zermatt)
  5. CEO and Analyst Statements

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