Pimcore Media Kit

Here you can download brand material to get started with Pimcore as a designer. If you require any additional material, please contact us.

The default logo includes the claim "Own the Digital World" and the registered trademark symbol (®). This version should be used in most cases.

The alternative logo without the claim and the logo without the registered trademark symbol (®) should be used only in exceptional cases.

Colors: RGB for web, CMYK for print

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The font is called 'Gilroy'. Black, Bold, Medium and Regular are used. There are 3 main colors:

  • Blue: For "data management"
    • RGB 050/120/240
    • HEX #2878f0
    • CMYK 083/014/000/000
  • Red: For "experience management"
    • RGB 240/060/040
    • HEX #f03c28
    • CMYK 003/087/092/000
  • Purple: Brand color
    • RGB 100/040/180
    • HEX #6428b4
    • CMYK 085/092/000/000
Contact us for fonts

The Pimconaut is the brand mascot of Pimcore.

Download Media Kit

Pimcore illustrations follow a distinct style. Have a look at Technology & Architecture to get a feel for them.

All Icons are based on Google Material Icons.

Download Iconography (PDF)

There is quite a cool product video, which can also be used for creating designs. All scenes are available as open vector files. Make sure to watch it!

The PowerPoint presentation template also contains a number of material, which can be quite useful for creating new designs. You can download the complete product presentation in PDF format below.

Download Presentation

Pimcore is both a magician and a discoverer.

As a magician it is able to view the world from different angles and to make dreams come true. It has charisma, is clever and full of unconventional ideas. With these talents it assumes an active and creative role as a powerful agent for change.

As a discoverer, Pimcore is yearning for new experiences and always on the lookout for innovation. It enjoys freedom and independence. Its journeys are a quest for insight and knowledge. It detests boredom and crusty structures.

Dietmar Rietsch

As CEO and co-founder of Pimcore, Dietmar Rietsch deals with new technologies and the digital transformation of companies daily. Dietmar is a passionate entrepreneur who has been designing and realizing exciting digital projects for more than 20 years. Find out more about him here: linkedin.com/in/rietsch

Als CEO und Mitgründer von Pimcore beschäftigt sich Dietmar Rietsch täglich mit neuen Technologien und der digitalen Transformation von Unternehmen. Dietmar ist ein leidenschaftlicher Unternehmer, der seit mehr als 20 Jahren spannende digitale Projekte konzipiert und umsetzt. Erfahren Sie hier mehr über ihn: linkedin.com/in/rietsch

Boilerplate / Company Description

Pimcore is a fully composable, API-driven digital platform. Companies us it to centralize their sales and marketing content, achieve highest-possible data quality and deliver best-in-class customer experience on every channel and device. The modular Pimcore suite includes modules for PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP/CMS, and digital commerce. It is successfully used by more than 110,000 companies worldwide – including Fortune 100 corporations such as Pepsi, Sony, and Audi. For more information, please visit pimcore.com.

Pimcore ist eine global verwendete, modulare digitale Plattform für Daten- und Experience-Management. Bereits mehr als 110.000 Unternehmen sorgen für perfekte Datenqualität und eine optimale Customer Experience auf jedem Kanal und Gerät durch zenralen Marketing- und Vertriebscontent. Die Pimcore-Suite beinhaltet Module für PIM, MDM, DAM, CDP, DXP/CMS und E- Commerce. Zu den Kunden zählen Fortune-100-Unternehmen wie Pepsi, Sony, und Audi. Der Hauptsitz des Unternehmens befindet sich in Salzburg, Österreich. Besuchen Sie für mehr Informationen pimcore.com/de.