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  • 5 Years as Pimcore Partner
  • 15 Pimcore Customers
  • 5 Case Studies


  • 5 | Pimcore Junior Developers
  • 5 | Pimcore Senior Developers
  • 1 | Pimcore Enterprise Developers
  • 5 | Pimcore Consultants

Pimcore Capabilities

  • Database Publishing (Web-to-print and/or InDesign integration)
  • Digital Commerce Framework
  • Product Configurators
  • UI/UX Design


When it comes to your digital transformation with Pimcore, you're in the right place with us. As a full-service agency and certified Pimcore partner, we approach your project goals together and take your company's digitization to a new level: from lead generation to web presence – boost your revenue and enhance your success story.

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codafish><> GmbH
Am Altenfeldsdeich 56
25371 Seestermühe
+49 30 666384800
Other offices
Madrid, Spain
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Success stories of codafish


Link GmbH it is an integral part of the company's philosophy. Founded in 1967 near Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the company not only has a long history to look back on.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, Technology

YORXS Inh. Ralf H. Nutt

An online store as shiny as the diamonds being sold through it: this was the ambition of diamantaire and jeweler Ralf Nutt from Yorxs.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, Digital Commerce, DAM, Arts, Entertainment & Sport


NORD EVENT is one of the largest event management companies in northern Germany. The company organizes over 3500 events annually: private parties, such as weddings and milestone birthdays, as well as premiere parties and conferences. Most clients book the complete package – in which NORD EVENT organizes everything from catering to equipment.
DXP/CMS, Travel & Hospitality, Food & Beverage

GCP - Grand City Property

GCP rents and manages apartments throughout Germany. The website is a reflection of the company and its services - one of the most important channels for their communications with tenants.
DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, Real Estate & Construction

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