Pimcore Gold Partner
  • 12 Years as Pimcore Partner
  • 44 Pimcore Customers
  • 3 Case Studies


  • 4 | Pimcore Junior Developers
  • 4 | Pimcore Senior Developers
  • 2 | Pimcore Enterprise Developers
  • 3 | Pimcore Consultants

Pimcore Capabilities

  • Customer Data Platform
  • Database Publishing (Web-to-print and/or InDesign integration)
  • Digital Commerce Framework
  • Magento Integration
  • Mobile Apps
  • Product Configurators
  • UI/UX Design

Marketplace Extensions


We are a consulting and software house agency. We cooperate with dozen companies also listed on NASDAQ500:
  • financial
  • pharmaceutical
  • internet industries
  • The first partner in Poland (2012) with over 30 projects:
  • e-commerce (avanti24.pl)
  • Portal (enea.pl)
  • Lead Managment (totalmoney.pl)
  • Financial Company Website (phinance.pl)
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    Partner Details

    OmegaCode Sp. z o.o.
    Aleje Jerozolimskie 94
    00-807 Warsaw Poland
    +48 22 256 39 95

    Success stories of OmegaCode

    ENEL Senior

    ENEL-MED has been operating since 1993. Since 2011, it has been a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We offer full medical service throughout the country.
    DXP/CMS, PIM/MDM, DAM, CDP, Healthcare

    Phinance S.A.

    The Phinance company deals with comprehensive financial consulting throughout Poland. They have 45 branches where you will meet with full professionalism and experience from their financial advisors.
    DXP/CMS, DAM, Services & Finance

    Agora S.A.

    Agora S.A. is a Polish company of commercial law listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, conducting media activity. The name of the company comes from the Greek for “a meeting place”.
    PIM/MDM, DAM, Media & Publishing, Arts, Entertainment & Sport

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