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  • Shopware Integration
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Marketplace Extensions


scope01 in Frankfurt am Main is your partner for digital sales and e-commerce. As an internet agency we realize online platforms for our customers and make them successful. Both in B2C and B2B. National as well as international. As a basis for e-commerce platforms and online stores we use Shopware. For this purpose we have been offering our Pimcore standard interface for many years to seamlessly integrate data from Pimcore (product data, content, media data) into Shopware. Furthermore, we customize Pimcore to your requirements.

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Partner Details

scope01 GmbH
Zeil 127
60313 Frankfurt am Main Germany
+49 69 348 778 300

Success stories of Scope01


CLAYTEC is specialist for clay and market leader for this innovative building material. The company produces and sells clay building materials through the building materials trade and craftsmen.
DXP/CMS, Manufacturing

Central product data in one system thanks to Pimcore

Hygiene, cleaning and occupational safety directly from the manufacturer. For 45 years. That is the motto of Franz Mensch from Germany. The family-owned company produces and trades disposable articles, hygiene clothing and industrial safety products.
PIM/MDM, Retail

Pimcore and Shopware – Perfect Combination for Commerce

Product data management can be done with a popular e-commerce software like Shopware. But with increasing requirements, the need for a specialized PIM solution like Pimcore arises.
October 15, 2020

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