Pimcore Community Edition

We Love Open Source

The history of the Pimcore Platform™ is based on the core ideas and vision of Open Source. Pimcore has been freely available as a free Open Source Community Edition since development began in 2010. It will continue to be so in the future. We believe in Open Source because it is the core enabler for faster innovation.

For us, Open Source is far more than just a license or a way to publish software. We believe in the power of community, our open roadmap, and the success of developers and Pimcore fans working together. We are proud of the Pimcore ecosystem, which consists of more than 130 partners, more than 300 active contributors, and thousands of Pimcore developers, enthusiasts, and users. We feel inevitably linked to the people who love our platform and work with it every day. We see Open Source as the best way to give back to this community that puts their trust in us.

Free forever and fully Open Source since 2010
Loved by thousands of companies and developers
Supported by more than 300 active contributors
Implemented by more than 130 partner agencies

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We will use your personal data solely to process your request. For a better-localized experience, we might share your data with certified solution partners in your geographical region. The partner will be able to respond to region-specific requirements. Find information about data protection in our privacy policy.

Cloud Images

Gebruik Pimcore in uw gewenste omgeving. Via Docker of in de cloud. Gebruik gewoon onze gemakkelijk voorbereide images.


Our public playground resets every two hours where all data is restored to the default state. During peak hours it is taken hard by the community. Excuse lags or errors you might experience.

To log in, please use the following credentials:

Username: admin
Password: demo

The demo can also be downloaded for free, to install it on premise or at a cloud hosting service of your choice.

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Flexible Licensing with Open Source Enterprise Subscription

The Pimcore Platform™ combines data and experience management out-of-the-box. It is hyper-flexible and exactly adapts to your individual needs – also in terms of licensing and operational costs. Pimcore is available as an Enterprise Subscription or as a free Open Source Community Edition.

Customers of the Pimcore Enterprise Subscription use the permissive Pimcore Commercial License (PCL) for legal safety, and qualify for the purchase of Service Level Agreements, Long Term Support, and Enterprise Extensions.