Elli becomes Experience of the Year

Our partners create amazing masterpieces with Pimcore every year. There are a lot of enterprises – no matter which size – that are using Pimcore and that work together with our partners to implement the right solutions for them.
Elli becomes Experience of the Year - Impression #1

Those solutions can be completely different, while one company needs an MDM and DAM solution another might need a PIM and an e-commerce shop. All that is possible with Pimcore. And as we are still flashed what our partners do out of this possibilities to make Pimcore the best fit for many companies, we decided to give out an award for the best “Experience of the Year”.

This year, we recognized one outstanding implementation that is easy to use and looks amazing at the same time. In only 3 months, our gold partner elbkapitäne used the full range of Pimcore and implemented a webshop for Elli, a provider of energy and charging solutions for the Volkswagen Group.

Because of this impressive implementation and of course also result, Elli became already Featured Customer of the month in August.

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And elbkapitäne also presented their success story at Pimcore Inspire 2021. You want to rewatch it? No problem!

If you also want to rewatch all other talks of Pimcore Inspire 2021, you can do so! Get your popcorn, lean back and enjoy!

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