Pimcore Roadmap

The product roadmap and product backlog of Pimcore are completely transparent. Our core development team is driving the continuous development of new features, by using the latest technologies available. The backlog flexibly adjusts to market needs and is updated daily following an iterative Scrum and Kanban development methodology - and a strict no-bug-policy.

Open Backlog

For Pimcore Community Edition our agile boards are open so that anyone can have a clear view of the ongoing and upcoming development. 

Progress is based on the prioritized stories from a living backlog into phases of specification, design, development, QA, and documentation.  

To see the status of our backlog please visit our project page at GitHub.

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Core Development & Maintenance

The current user interface of Pimcore, which has been running on Sencha Ext JS since 2010, will be replaced by entirely new, up-to-date technology based on our extensive user experience research with users and partners. We will provide the new user interface in parallel to the existing one and expect to complete this project by 2023. We will also upgrade the technological foundation of the platform to Symfony 6 and provide a new marketplace for purchasing Pimcore plugins and extensions. Additionally, we are improving data exports, translations, and code quality.

Data Management

We will improve the search feature in the Pimcore backend with features such as Elasticsearch compatibility, additional filters, more speed, and higher performance. Also, we will enhance Pimcore with AI and machine learning features to increase data quality by calculating data quality scores and providing better dashboards for data stewards. In addition, we will improve Pimcore Experience Portals by adding capabilities for brand management. Finally, we are working on functionalities to provide messaging, annotating, and task management to strengthen Pimcore's collaboration features for marketing teams.

Experience Management

Headless is the way to go for many enterprises in 2022 and onwards. For Pimcore, this means that in addition to the existing headless DXP/CMS capabilities, we will strengthen our features for headless commerce by supporting indexing, pricing rules, and transactional data such as orders in our Digital Commerce Framework. Furthermore, Pimcore will enhance its connectivity and interoperability with existing headless commerce technologies. Finally, we will provide new possibilities for further out-of-the-box integrations with leading solutions for marketing automation, data integration, publishing, and much more, via a new and seamlessly integrated marketplace.

Cloud & Enterprise Edition

To enhance experience management capabilities in the Cloud Edition, we are working on functionalities for templating, comparable to the on-premises Enterprise Edition and Community Edition. In addition, to improve the experience on the way to the Cloud for existing customers, we will make the migration path from existing on-premises installations more straightforward, especially when it comes to plugins and extensions. The result will be a better experience for users, developers, and partners.

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“Our vision is to create the world's most remarkable data and experience platform for our customers, developers, and partners.”
Dietmar Rietsch, CEO & Co-Founder, Pimcore