Personalization in Pimcore DXP/CMS

Pimcore provides powerful behavioral targeting and personalization capabilities. It can profile your prospects and customers based on their interactions with your company. Show relevant and personalized content to your customer segments to improve your conversion rates and customer experience.

94% of companies are reporting an increase in their conversion rate after personalizing their digital experience.

Profiling visitors, prospects and customers

You can find Pimcore's personalization capabilities in our public demo. It is about a fictitious company trading with old-timer cars. Marketing segments all customers based on their interest in luxury, economy, or sports cars and into new, regular, or VIP customers — a total of six customer segments. 

The Pimcore backend provides a user-friendly admin interface for defining rules and assigning target groups based on profiling, behavior, and audience characteristics.

Multiple rules for location, device type, number of visits, besides a lot of other options, are available.

Full personalization of the digital experience

First, the personalized content for each target group needs to be defined. Then, let Pimcore do its magic! The personalization engine identifies and assigns target groups to each customer in real-time. 

Show custom content to each audience.

Send personalized emails based on user behavior and interest.

Personalize search results and product teasers, not only based on the behavior, such as order histories, interest in specific brands, or favorite color but even based on the behavior of similar audiences. 

Drive customer-centric personalization at scale for a connected and seamless omnichannel customer experience!

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