Product Content Life Cycle Optimization

Is managing product content lifecycle in the current environment turning into an unexpected challenge for you? 

Enterprises facing product content optimization challenges when making changes in product, price, distribution, advertising, and sales promotion—often make the mistake of looking in the opposite or outright wrong direction.

Shifting priorities of product teams and introduction of new strategies can further complicate product content lifecycle—right from the stage of development to introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. 

Which is why product content optimization requires the support of product information management (PIM) at every step of the way. 

Product Content Life Cycle Optimization
“PIM ensures highest quality data standards which are essential for dealing with complicated PLM use cases. ”
This whitepaper recommends a 5 step guide to bring fluidity and organization to a fragmented and disorganized product content lifecycle:


  1. Fixing Product Data Fragmentation: From Creation to Consolidation
  2. Executing a 360-degree Data View
  3. Prepare Product Information for Greatness (Experience) 
  4. Addressing Syndication Needs
  5. Analyzing Data Efficacy via DSA (Digital Shelf Analytics) 

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