Pimcore Digital Commerce Features

Het bestaat uit een component-gebaseerd ontwikkelingsframework dat systeemontwerpers en ontwikkelaars kunnen gebruiken om flexibele, zeer specifieke eCommerce en transactionele digitale ervaringen voor veeleisende bedrijven te creëren.

What makes Pimcore eCommerce stand out?

Pimcore consolidates your products and digital assets while fostering collaboration between tools and systems that are traditionally isolated from each other. It can:

  • Handle millions of products with customer specific prices and assortments
  • Work with billions of prices within complex B2B and B2C pricing environments
  • Manage customized B2B checkout processes and work with complex product configurators
  • Work with multiple tenants with individual ERP systems


B2C & B2B eCommerce Framework
Flexible open-source eCommerce framework for creating complex and customized B2C, B2B and omni-channel eCommerce scenarios.
Customer Experience Management
The only open-source platform bridging content and commerce. Create amazing buying experiences with included enterprise web content management.
Product Catalog Management
Product catalog management enables you to create, organize, and deliver high-quality and ready-to-publish product catalogs in bulk for thousands of sales channels.

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