The average shopper comes across your brand at up to 500 touchpoints throughout the entire customer journey before making a purchase. Pimcore enables you to accurately tailor product data in bulk and optimize every last detail, so you can make the most of each touchpoint and stand out from the crowd.

Complete product feed control

Pimcore Data Syndication lets you centralize all your work. Integrate your PIM, spreadsheets, shop systems, and more. Optimize in bulk for maximum efficiency and reach over 2 500 channels with ease – no support needed; no coding required. 

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Product Data Syndication 

Capture your customers’ attention across markets and channels with automated product information syndication. The Pimcore PIM software provides data integration and standardization and delivers tailored product information. 

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“Why CMOs, CIOs, CTOs, and technical professionals choose the automated option”
Given the scale and volume of product content, it is challenging to do it manually. With automated syndication, you can capture customers’ attention across markets and channels. This whitepaper helps you understand various implications of product content syndication in the retail business, including:
  • Overview of Product Content Syndication
  • Why Syndicate your Product Content
  • The Anatomy of Product Content Syndication
  • Automated vs Manual syndication
  • How Product Content Syndication Increases Revenue
  • Why Choose Pimcore & Productsup for Product Content Syndication