Commerce technology has evolved dramatically over the last few years. Integrated legacy platforms are vanishing and a new component-based, composable digital commerce model has entered the ring. This new approach is the foundation of the Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework. As a composable and API-driven software development framework, Pimcore allows users to create sophisticated, personalized and high-performing B2C and B2B commerce solutions. It provides the necessary building blocks along with the flexibility and innovation of open-source software. As such, it supports the implementation of highly scalable digital-commerce-driven business models.


Innovation & Flexibility

The power to innovate and the flexibility of the various components provide a framework to build and maintain customized digital-first commerce business models – overlapping generic B2C and advanced B2B use cases. Enterprises use the Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework to create transactional web applications such as marketplaces, rental applications, travel booking systems, ticketing systems, reservation platforms – in addition to advanced B2B/B2C storefronts and digital subscription platforms. If you want to build a customized digital commerce process, take a close look at Pimcore.

Out-of-the-Box Storefront

In addition to composable e-commerce components, Pimcore also comes with a pre-configured, out-of-the-box and fully responsive storefront. It allows users to create a brand-new commerce experience within less than a week. The storefront is built on industry best practices and serves as an ideal blueprint for utilizing and configuring the composable and component-based Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework.

Cover millions of products, geo-specific product ranges, time-specific availability and pricing, customer-specific assortments and pricing, or real-time stock information and product recommendations.

The search component is natively integrated with Pimcore’s built-in PIM and MDM modules for managing product structures with lots of attributes, complex product relations, and configurable product systems. The default search capabilities and adapters of the component (MySQL attributes and full text, Elasticsearch, and Findologic) can be extended by using flexible search and an indexing API to integrate search providers such as Amazon CloudSearch, Algolia, and IBM Watson.

Filters & Sorting

Guided selling via intelligent real-time filtering and sorting of products is critical for a great commerce experience. The flexible and configurable product filtering component provides the necessary tooling. Use it to create product-category-specific filtering criteria, specific product selections for landing pages, and improved SEO performance. It also acts as an ideal starting point for product configurators or a CPQ process.

Product Pages

Highly flexible product pages are at the heart of a great customer experience. The Pimcore Digital Commerce Framework provides the needed components to supply product data, filters, search as well as cross-selling information to the Pimcore Digital Experience Platform (DXP). The entire visual user experience on any device is provided directly by the Pimcore DXP. Utilize rich layout options, multi-lingual content management, WYSIWYG editing and personalization capabilities to create best-in-class, high-converting content commerce.

Price Management

The price management component is the central microservice to manage pricing information. Handling prices correctly is critical for any B2C and B2B commerce experience. It includes B2B pricing topics such as real-time pricing, tier pricing, complex customer-specific prices and generic topics such as multi-currency pricing, pricing discounts, discount vouchers and personalized pricing rules.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart component is the microservice for managing shopping carts and other persistent and personalized product lists such as wish lists, for instance. The shopping cart component is flexible enough for any B2C and advanced B2B use case and can be used to aggregate products and prices. Additionally, it prepares orders for the checkout process. Of course, the shopping cart component can also be used for complex CPQ (configure, price, quote) applications and product configurators. 


The checkout component flexibly handles various B2C and B2B checkout scenarios. This starts with simple B2C checkout cases such as one-step checkouts, customer registration, delivery definition and extends all the way to complex B2B checkout scenarios involving real-time communication with backend ERP and CRM systems.

Case Study: Selling Cars Online


The payment component handles digital payments and recurring payments through the out-of-the-box integration of various payment gateways. Included interfaces to payment gateways are, for example, PayPal, Klarna, Hobex, Heidelpay/Unzer, MPay24 and Datatrans. New payment gateways can be integrated easily by extending the payment component with a new adapter.


Customer Management 

To manage customer data such as personal information, delivery information and account information, the Pimcore Commerce Framework tightly integrates with the Pimcore Customer Data Platform (CDP). The CDP is used for modelling, aggregation, segmentation, and management of customer records and customer activities. It provides the data needed for marketing automation, transactional mailings, and real-time behavioral-targeting-based personalization within the commerce experience.

Order Management

The checkout component flexibly handles various B2C and B2B checkout scenarios. This starts with simple B2C checkout cases such as one-step checkouts, customer registration, delivery definition and extends all the way to complex B2B checkout scenarios involving real-time communication with backend ERP and CRM systems.

“We were impressed by Pimcore's flexibility when it comes to B2B online shops. Pimcore adapted perfectly to our business needs.”
Christian Heigemeir, Head of Corporate Architecture

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