Open Source eCommerce Framework

The Pimcore Platform™ includes a flexible open-source eCommerce framework for creating complex and customized B2C, B2B, and B2B2C omnichannel eCommerce scenarios.

Framework Driven Approach

Pimcore eCommerce platform is not a traditional out-of-the-box storefront system. It is a perfect amalgamation of digital experience management and customer experience management. The component-driven development framework delivers outstanding and highly flexible B2B and B2C eCommerce experiences. It is for those eCommerce challenges that cannot be met by standard out-of-the-box software. The framework includes open-source components and microservices for often needed eCommerce functionalities, such as product search and filtering, price calculation, shopping cart handling, and checkout processes.

Digital Store Front

Customers can expect a great experience from Pimcore’s omnichannel eCommerce platform when they buy from you. With the fully-responsive storefront powered by the Pimcore eCommerce Framework, you'll meet those expectations and deliver great experiences that gain customers' loyalty in each channel. The eCommerce framework includes a blueprint storefront application as a business accelerator. This accelerator can be used as a best-of-breed component for your complex eCommerce challenges.

Product search & filtering

Searching and filtering products is key to any eCommerce experience. Pimcore provides advanced tools for indexing, listing, searching and filtering of product data. It is natively integrated with the PIM, MDM functionalities for managing product structures with lots of attributes, complex product relations, and configurable product systems. And it provides several adapters (MySQL, Elastic Search, Factfinder, Findologic) for search and filtering, that can be customized and integrated based on your specific needs.

Price calculation & availabilities

Handling complex pricing structures with product specific price sources, customer-specific pricing, tier pricing, huge pre-calculated pricing matrices, and individual price rules is a crucial aspect of Pimcore’s price calculation engine. Pimcore eCommerce can provide a solution for even the most complex pricing challenges in B2B environments.

Shopping cart

Pimcore open source eCommerce solution provides several implementations for handing shopping cart functionalities. Managing a B2C shopping cart or some sort of wish list is the most trivial case. Handling multiple and tenant-specific shopping carts with complex price calculations and multi-ERP integration is just the right case for experiencing the real power of Pimcore eCommerce.


Pimcore supports product promotions in a flexible and adaptable manner: From real-time product promotions, time-based, scheduled promotions to promotions based on ERP data, customer data (like gender), or current conditions (weather, inventory…). With the Pimcore eCommerce promotion engine, promotions can be managed either manually or with deep integration via the API.


Pimcore eCommerce provides framework components to configure and develop a checkout process that is 100% fitting to your eCommerce strategy, based on your business model (B2C/B2B) and your customer experience. It integrates customer-specific checkout processes for consumers and corporate buyers, flexible payment integration based on adapters and interfaces to multiple ERP systems.

Case Study: Selling Cars Online

Order Management

Pimcore eCommerce application integrates basic order management out-of-the-box. In typical cases, Pimcore is tightly integrated with ERP systems to manage orders, including order generation, order receipt, inventory availability, predicted ship date, estimated buyer receipt data, return authorization, status tracking, and management of simple orders.

“We were impressed by Pimcore's flexibility when it comes to B2B online shops. Pimcore adapted perfectly to our business needs.”
Christian Heigemeir, Head of Corporate Architecture

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