Case Study: Bauli - Impression #1

Case Study: Bauli Has Chosen To Celebrate the 100-Year Milestone Launching a New Institutional Website Developed with Pimcore

For over 100 years, Bauli has been a market leader with a wide range of seasonal products (eg. Pandoro di Verona, Colomba and Easter Eggs) and everyday products (classic and BuonEssere croissants), made with high-quality ingredients and gluten-free.

The project involved the redesign of Bauli frontend institutional website, data migration from Pimcore 4.6 to Pimcore X and the creation of AWS infrastructure. The site includes 7 countries (Italy, India, UK, Canada (EN/FRA), USA, Slovakia, Czechia), and an international website (EN,FR, DE,ES). There are 8 types of objects: Family, Line, Category, Product, Feature, Recipe Category, Recipe, News.

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From Pimcore 4.6 to new Pimcore X

The need to migrate to Pimcore X from a no longer maintained version of Pimcore has been the starting point to review the graphic aspect of the institutional website, also in anticipation of the important milestone of 100 years. The challenges of the CMS/PIM/DAM project were mainly the following: data migration (about 850 url), complete migration of Pimcore product objects (Products, Categories, News), management of SEO redirects. In addition to this, the pages have been redesigned and organized at the CMS level, creating new widgets. The whole project is managed and hosted on AWS.

Custom Layout and widgets to speed up product creation

The whole frontend has been rearranged through different widgets (about 40). Two different layouts have been developed: Italy and International Subsequently, there has been the creation of various templates that can be automatically chosen according to the rules of the Pimcore backend: seasonal products (eg "Pandoro", "Colomba", "Eggs"), everyday products (eg "Croissants"), "BuonEssere” and “Gluten Free”and two templates for the international page. Tracing, events and microformats have been implemented as well. Other important implementations are: contact form, to generate different modules from the configuration panels; AWS scalable Pimcore structure through replicated frontends and balancers, advanced cache management, full page cache, implementation of the Iubenda privacy service, deployment system for frontend replicated through incremental Goldmaster images and integration with Gigya by SAP.

New design, improvement in data management and cost reduction

Featuring the new Pimcore X, Bauli was able to rearrange all data and product contents in a more efficient and orderly way, presenting an updated graphic restyle 100 years from the company foundation. The creation of customized templates for product type and website has allowed a faster, faultless data entry. All the infrastructure developed on AWS contributes to a fast and, most importantly, secure site, served in different countries.

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Weniger Duplikate
Zeitersparnis bei der Datenpflege
Gesteigerter Website Traffic

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