Case Study: Gruppo DAC - Impression #1

Case Study: Pimcore and Orbitvu to manage DAC Group's food & beverage product information

The DAC Group is Italy's leading food service provider to a variety of national and international customers, ranging from traditional catering to high-end food service.

Gruppo DAC is a leading foodservice company in Italy in the distribution of food and beverages for the catering and Ho.Re.Ca. channel. The products are mostly local specialities and DAC branded products with a catalogue of more than 25,000 references. In addition to sales, DAC plays a leading role in the market thanks to the DAC Academy, a high level training place for its 515 agents and more than 20,000 customers distributed in 77 countries.

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Different workflows for macro-family and detailed product sheets

The wide assortment of products, which counts a catalogue of more than 25,000 references between own-brand products and others from producers of Italian excellence, involves an enormous amount of work in the creation and optimisation of content and photo shoots. Each product is divided into 5 macro-families: dry, frost, fresh, wine, beverage and non-food, where commercial and marketing information is made explicit as well as information on allergens and certifications.

Pimcore: PIM and DAM integrated with ERP, WMS and Orbitvu

Pimcore was introduced as PIM, DAM and MDM to manage the complexity of product information management and enrichment. Each macro-family has a dedicated workflow for content control and input. The images come directly from Orbitvu machines, installed by our partner Bontex, which produce normal and 360° shots. Orbitvu and Pimcore are seamlessly integrated and images are associated with the relevant product. Other technical data such as Product EAN Code, Weight, Height, Width and Length are derived from the integration of Pimcore with PV scales. Pimcore is also integrated with the company's AS400 ERP and WMS.

Excellent performance thanks to Pimcore and Orbitvu, cutting working time in half

Pimcore has definitely replaced the manual excel sheets for enriching product information. Integration with different business software such as ERP, WMS, scales has made it possible to automate the copy-paste of product data that in the past caused errors. Just think of the importance of data such as product certifications and allergens that deserve special care and attention. The further integration with Orbitvu ensured the automation of photo and 360° shots and the automatic association with products. All this has streamlined and improved the enrichment and distribution of content in the different online (e-commerce, website) and offline (pdf cards, catalogues, exports) sales channels.

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