Case Study: LACTALIS - Impression #1

Case Study: Rolling Out a Group Product Database for Lactalis

Lactalis is the world’s leading dairy group, with 4 major brands - President, Galbani, Lactel, Parmalat, and local brands. Lactalis is #1 on cheeses, #3 on chilled dairy and #3 on drinking milk.

Lactalis wanted to create a product database for all products in the group, with reliable informations, from the factory to the customer. Information will be published to internal (ERP, WMS) and external (GDSN, LSP) information systems. PIM must be flexible enough to adapt to the changing regulations in the food industry.

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Make data more reliable for the entire company

Main challenge for Lactalis was to remove obstacles to business development by creating and maintaining a Group product catalog - a new In addition, stakeholders will take responsibility for information entry and confidentiality. Also, elimination of double/triple entries and improvement of sharing of information were part of the project objectives. Due to Lactalis structure, PIM roll-out will be handled on a business division basis.

A multi-domain platform to rule them all

Thanks to Pimcore multi-domain capacities, it has been possible to define and manage all objects linked to a product : recipes, factories, packaging, and even advertising licences ! The customizable plateform allowed DATASOLUTION to create specific features (form generator, business rules ...). The integrated workflow engine was used to design and implement the complex process for validating data all along the product creation flow. DATASOLUTION team developped dedicated screens and processes to facilitate data entry and control (like the ingredient table). A SSO connector with Lactalis Active Directory was created to easily onboard new users.

A centralized and reliable information for the group

Lactalis noted an undeniable increase in the information quality on the 4 entities where the PIM has been deployed. Data entry has been simplified in the group, and especially in the factories (up to 60% decrease in the number of palletization schemes on selected perimeters). Product teams can now have better visibility on creation process, and especially the blocking points. PIM is now connected to many internal and systems, including SAP. Commercial and technical data sheets are available “on the fly” though th PIM. Practices are now harmonized across divisions. Lactalis is now able to produce its first KPIs related to product creation. A key user group has been created to define all evolutions of the PIM, and review / improve all processes.

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