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Case Study: Efficient Job Platform for the Lucerne Region

Lucerne Business is the business development agency of the Canton of Lucerne. With their job portal, they support jobseekers and employers in filling vacancies.

A new online platform from Lucerne Business, a foundation for the promotion of economic development in the Canton of Lucerne, will provide specialists with targeted and precise information about job opportunities in the Lucerne region. It is intended to bring employees and employers from the Canton of Lucerne closer together, thus making Lucerne as a location as attractive as possible for both and keeping skilled workers in the region.

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Effortless Job Posting and Company Showcases for Lucerne's Skilled Workforce

On the new site, companies should be able to make their job offers for skilled workers in Lucerne easy to find and communicate across sectors. It allows employers to advertise their vacancies easily, quickly, and free of charge. In addition, will also be a platform for companies to introduce themselves in short portraits and present themselves as attractive employers. To ensure that the maintenance of the job advertisements is efficient, a link to is being sought: Companies have to upload their job advertisements in only one place, which will then be displayed on both portals.

Using Pimcore for Lucerne's efficient job searches

The solution implemented by Brunner Medien with Pimcore includes an interface to All job advertisements that are registered with for the Canton of Lucerne automatically appear on Employers can use an administration mask with a password-protected login to manage their job postings. Registered employers can release advertisements with an efficient workflow. Intelligent search filters are available for users when searching for jobs, so that job advertisements are displayed according to profession, industry, workload, occupational field, or employment type. In the background, an interface to the CMS of Lucerne Business ensures that all information can be easily managed. Lucerne Business can also efficiently process and approve registration requests from new employers. In addition to the technical implementation, Brunner Medien also advised Lucerne Business on online marketing measures to support the successful launch.

Attractive and intuitive platform for job seekers and employers

With, the Lucerne region now has an attractive platform for regional employers. They can not only advertise their vacancies easily and free of charge but also present themselves as attractive employers. The link with enables an efficient procedure. For employees looking for a job, the platform offers the advantage that exciting positions in the vicinity are easy to find.

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