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Case Study: Unique eCommerce Platform for the Sale of Training Courses

Socjomania is a digital media consulting and training company. They offer practical assistance to clients in developing digital strategies and marketing in the digital world.

Socjomania, a company specializing in advising companies and transferring knowledge, desired a platform to sell their services online. The assumption was that the process of adding and editing products and content was both simple and flexible. An essential feature was the ability to quickly modify the offer, propose various variants, packages and promotions. They prioritized making the shopping process for customers easy to navigate.

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Customer Key Facts

1 000
Training Courses
6 500
Hours of Workshops

Making content updates as easy as 1-2-3!

Approaching Tandemite, Socjomania's representatives brought a precise vision. They wanted to develop a website that could expand significantly, enabling the promotion and sales of their full line of products and services. The first major challenge for Tandemite was understanding the client’s complex transaction system. The project team navigated through a web of connections between individual products and discounts, plus additional services and changing prices. A further challenge involved creating a system that was adaptable and simple to set up, allowing the client to manage it without assistance. Each employee, even those not familiar with the system, ought to be capable of swiftly and intuitively updating the content. Whether it's adding a landing page or specific sections, the process should be as simple as basic arithmetic.

Simplify and Expand

Socjomania had a preference for the technology to be used, opting for Pimcore. The website's layout is segmented into widgets, promoting uncomplicated expansion. Editing the website is done in page mode, while the widgets are modifiable in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface. The e-commerce solution was effectively tailored to enable the promotion, booking, and purchasing of training courses. Tandemite enhanced it with financial and accounting software integrations. Leveraging Pimcore’s functionalities, training courses can be grouped into packages, offered at reduced prices, and more.

Tandemite revolutionizes training sales: simplicity meets success

Tandemite succeeded in their primary objective of enhancing the training sales process and flexible offer management (this includes handling various complex packages, special promotions, and multiple discount codes). Even newcomers to the system find it simple to modify course listings, thanks to its intuitive design. The administrator examines the edited content in a format that nearly matches its final display on the website. The client values having content that is consistently straightforward, dynamic, and engaging, and this is now simple to achieve with the website's current layout.

Key Results

Increased conversion rate
streamlined training courses sales

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