Grocery Chain Grows Their Global Reach Into New Markets

Northgate Market is a grocery store chain based in California with 40 stores in three counties: Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego. The company offers its customers a full-service supermarket with a large meat department, bakery, tortilleria and prepared foods in addition to a sizeable section of domestic and imported Latin American grocery goods to provide a Mexican homeland experience.

Business Needs

Northgate Market was using a legacy website that had various limitations. The website was very slow, which was making it difficult to navigate from page to page and causing frustration to visitors. Because the website was underperforming, it was difficult to scale into new markets and bringing a new food item to market was often delayed.

The website had to be frequently updated, which was not an easy task. Even for making small changes, they had to rely on their web vendors to implement this who often took significant time to do so. Additionally, the system they were using lacked robust analytics reporting functionality which put them at a disadvantage in trying to understand their website visitors.

Another prominent issue they were having was that their website was not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) which is one of America’s civil rights legislations that prohibits discrimination and guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else to participate in mainstream American life.

Pimcore Solution

Northgate was advised to use Pimcore to replace their legacy system and transfer the application to a cloud platform. The new Pimcore solution allowed the client to improve support for their existing functionality with a robust performance.

The new website was produced quickly, and was designed so that Northgate market staff can easily implement updates themselves without the help of a vendor. Because it was so easy to update, new food products could be brought to market much quicker and updates to existing products could be made instantaneously. They were able to do all the updates themselves, which saved them money by lowering their overall implementation and support costs. Visiting customers were greeted with a user-friendly interface that enhanced their experience and thus promoted sales.

To meet their compliance needs for the ADA, Pimcore Global Services developed and implemented their desktop and mobile websites to abide by Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.2) – Level A Compliance. This also included a multilingual interface and responsiveness with three breakpoints.

Business Results

The new and improved solution supported Northgate’s business objectives and allowed them to expand their global presence and services. The scalability and flexibility of the system further enabled them to scale into new markets. The ease of use of the product, decreased time-to-market and saved them significant money as they no longer had to pay external vendors for every required update. Customer experiences were greatly improved and their satisfaction lead to increased spending and thus revenue for the company.

With Pimcore’s ability to customize a framework to the ADA standards, Northgate websites became ADA compliant with WCAG 2.2 – Level A. Being ADA compliant meant that they could avoid financial penalties and law suits associated with non-compliance. Being ADA compliant also helped Northgate to protect their brand from being tarnished and further enabled them to succeed.

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