Case Study: Beam Suntory - Impression #1

Case Study: Premium Liquor Brand Mixes the Perfect Cocktail of Unified Marketing & Product Data

The world's third-largest premium spirits company. Home to iconic brands such as Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Courvoisier, Suntory, Knob Creek, Laphroaig, Bowmore, Canadian Club, Hornitos, Sauza, Roku, and many more.

Lightning Jar helped Beam Suntory Inc. architect and deploy a Pimcore MDM / PIM / DAM solution to manage products, product data, images, labels, recipes, and marketing content for hundreds of products and thousands of product variations across languages and regions.

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Drowning in Data

Beam Suntory manages hundreds of products, and thousands of bottle variations (including sizes, label variations, etc) across dozens of brands. Managing product images, approved language, product SKUs, labels, recipes, and cut sheets was a massive and inefficient ongoing effort. Beam wanted a unified solution that could be the source of all truth for marketing and product data, that everyone from marketing teams to sales reps, retailers, and distributors could access and easily get information from.

"As the eCommerce channel continues to grow at Beam Suntory, Pimcore has been a huge factor in driving product data and marketing content to internal and external partners. The ease of use and capabilities of the tool have created a streamlined process for the company and have been a huge factor in driving awareness for the channel."
Liz Sterrett Sr. Manager, eCustomer Marketing & Content Beam Suntory International

Unified Data Goes Down Easy

The client needed a product information and data asset management platform with interfaces that were extensible, flexible, and easily customizable. Pimcore was a natural fit. We started by helping the client build a proof of concept with some test data -- stakeholders were thrilled at the results. From there we implemented a full PIM / MDM / DAM solution with many integration points to other systems. On the front end we created multiple experiences for multiple user types. One of the outputs was a web portal for online retailers with easy access to brand logos, bottle photos, descriptions, bottle size info, etc. Again, with Pimcore that was easy. We also created interfaces for easily creating, customizing and accessing learning guides, portfolio guides and sell-sheets for sales reps and marketing teams. The solution continues to expand as we migrate in more data from additional brands and regions, and as we customize output for additional audiences.

Case Study: Alex Cantu, Director of Software Development & Technology
"From the first moment that project stakeholders saw the proof of concept -- Pimcore and its interface --they were excited by the endless possibilities and couldn't wait to move forward."
Alex Cantu, Director of Software Development & Technology

A Single Malt of Truth

The final result was a single source of information for each brand, and each brand’s products. No matter where this data is being disseminated, whether to the brand website, or to a distributor sales sheet, retail site, or a brochure, it all comes from the same place; it all comes from Pimcore. Everybody knows where to find it. It’s there, it’s consistent and it’s dynamically distributed through all the different output channels.

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