Case Study: Wydawnictwo Taxpress s.c. - Impression #1

Case Study: Online Store for Publisher Improves Experience and Conversions

Since 2000, Taxpress has been active in the training and publishing sector, focusing on courses in tax law, public finance, public aid. They’re a publisher of professional press & expert commentaries.

Taxpress operates in a highly competitive training and publishing industry. They are aware of the need to constantly improve the way they reach their customers. They aim to increase sales by upgrading their online engagement tactics. The target was to launch an online store for showcasing and selling their diverse products, and sharing their know-how.


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Taxpress's new direction: unique framework for books, subscriptions, and courses

Taxpress experienced a major setback with their system, originally created by a different company, which didn't work as expected. They decided to take a new direction with Tandemite. The project involved tackling three significant challenges. The initial challenge involved constructing a system capable of selling three different product types: books & magazines, periodical subscriptions, and training courses. This required a different approach to sales. The next hurdle was to develop a new-age system that still adheres to a traditional, conservative character, a concept strongly established among the current users. For SEO optimization, the Taxpress website needed to undergo changes to accommodate a rich content area (with detailed product descriptions), playing a significant role in developing a fitting image for the company.
"We were very impressed with their graphic design skills. It was very helpful for us to focus the Tandemite team on analyzing and tailoring the solution to achieve our goals. Planning the sales process was a challenge, because the products from our offer are very different and require different approach to sales. The Tandemite team handled it very well."
Dorota Lebiedzińska, Main Secretary of Publishing House, Taxpress

Two distinct online stores launched

The team at Tandemite put together two online stores in succession, each one uniquely adapted to the client's specifications. The cooperation with Taxpress led to the creation of 'Kazus Podatkowy', a portal designed for both product sales and communication with customers. After its establishment, the client extended Tandemite’s role to include mastering their second portal. The use of Pimcore played a crucial role in setting up both stores, enabling the client to efficiently manage their offers through PIM features. Understanding the details and structure of the offer, it became necessary to adopt a different buying process for each type of product. The presentation of products is also diverse, with each category having its own unique template. Tandemite’s approach involved using tags and establishing relationships among products to aid in selling training courses with varying terms, pricing structures, agendas, and speakers.

Shop, learn, and grow with Taxpress's innovative online platform

Taxpress now boasts an efficient online store, showcasing their offerings' full potential. The introduction of cross-selling tools works to improve sales. The website allows for the display of in-depth content and video resources in a modern, easy-to-use interface. Customers enjoy a swift and clear-cut ordering process regardless of the product category, getting all the important details at the purchase stage. After logging in, users can download the purchased materials in the electronic version directly from their accounts, transforming the website into their own personal virtual library. With the launch of the new website, the client experienced a notable improvement in their brand image and reputation. Tandemite's efforts in streamlining user accessibility and providing additional value have enhanced the user experience.

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